Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bird brained

Hello peeps, not a crafting update this time but I thought I would blog about the birds in my garden at the moment.  We are lucky that after almost 15 years gardening organically and leaving a small wildlife area means that in our city garden we get quite an array of birds.  We get a lot of blue tits, great tits, long tail tits, bull finches, green finches and these bully boys-gold finches.  They descend by the flock when we refill the feeders and there are usually around 8-10 at a time with a few others keeping watch and fighting off any other birds until they have had their fill!!!
They are SO messy and drop large quantities on the floor, but luckily the ground feeders such as the robins soon clean it up.

 It is always a delight to see the jay

 The wren is getting really brave as the back door was open and it was sat atop the planter beside the door!  I could hear the wren (as it has SUCH a loud call for a small bird), looked out the door and there it was, about 18 inches from me!

 The oddest behaviour is this female blackbird.  Never before have I come across it.  She keeps attacking the reflection of herself in ours and the  neighbours windows!

She flies with her claws outstretched in front and bashes into the window.  She doesn't appear to do any damage and doesn't appear to be stunned.

Then she sits there pecking her reflection for hours on end!!!!

According to the RSPB website it is probably because she has a nest close by and can see her reflection and believes its another blackbird.  They suggest cling film over the outside of the window to disrupt the reflection-looks attractive, not!  But hopefully it will stop the poor bird battering herself against the glass!!!!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Once again its the middle of the week where we bare our desks in the weekly "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday". Not a scooby what I am whittering on about? Check out all the deets on our beloved leader (Julia-I know you don't like to think of yourself as the leader, especially since what you created is now SO huge-but we chose to call you leader as without you we would not have made so many wonderful friends so prrrffff (that's me blowing a raspberry by the way!!) Julia's blog here.

So on my desk this week are my blank pages of my 365 challenge ready to decorate for April-the idea is that I actually have it finished ready for the start of the month (we shall see).

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week-I wasn't sure when I pulled them from the deck this week, then it dawned on me.  A tough Blonde Hero is Eddie Izzard who has run 27 marathons in 27 days and raised over £1million for Sports Relief (full details here).  

A true hero, added to the fact that he ran some of them with his nails painted a lovely shade of red and well manicured-so I am guessing at some point of the runs he probably broke one?!

Happy crafting

Monday, 21 March 2016

Voucher holder

Just a quick update, this was the card I was in the process of making on Wednesday.

It is a voucher holder/birthday card for my father in law (as we bought him garden vouchers). 
 I used racing horse backing paper (as he loves the horses) and created a pocket in the front to slip the vouchers into.
I then fussy cut the rosette and added a peel off

Much nicer than the card they give you when you buy a voucher.

Happy crafting

Friday, 18 March 2016

Bass guitar card

Hello peeps, just a quick update as I realised I haven't blogged my hubby's birthday card.  
He is a bass player in a punk band so when fellow coven member Bex kindly gave me a pack of papers from DCWV called Rockstar I knew they would be perfect

I cut out one of guitars and used embroidery floss for the strings which I secured with brads. 
 I added a piece of chain with two more brads and mat and layered it onto black card.
I then used foam tape to adhere it to a patterned background to give it a bit of depth.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned, hopefully with some crafting.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016


A desk, some stuff and today an early cuppa as I am going to 'try' to have a day just for me 
(I say 'try' as I am sure we now how it goes, stuff happens, other stuff gets in the way, yadda, yadda...but I am going to 'try'). 

 It can only mean one thing..."What's on your Workdesk Wednesday".

The desk is still really clean from last week (as it has not been used) but I am finally putting the finishing touches to a card/voucher holder for my father in law's birthday.

To the left is my (now very dirty) stamp cleaner.  A paint spreader from poundland that Shaz Silverwolf recommended ages ago, and it does work a treat.  As you can see it is well loved but I may have to treat myself to a new one (after I find out whether it cleans up ok, after is a pound to replace it!!).

Another bargain is my stickles holder to the right, this is a nail varnish/makeup acrylic holder once again from poundland and fits stickles perfectly.

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week are nicer (at last!!) "Burns Lover Weds Tourist".

Not much else to say...apart from huge love to Julia, Queen of WOYWW and big love to LLJ who is temporarily buffing the crown (I have a vision in my head as I write it...believe me you don't want to see it....but those of you who know me/met me at crops will know the face I am pulling as this vision flashes across my mind!!).

Happy crafting

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Another fabric stash busting make

 Hello peeps, just a quick catch up as I just realised when I blogged about the Christmas presents I made this year I forgot to include the handbag I made for my mum!

I love Debbie Shore's bag pattern (a HUGE thanks to LLJ for introducing me to her patterns, I have made this bag several times since) so back in the summer I opened up my fabric stash and asked mum to choose the colours she liked.

From the various fabrics she pulled out I made her this bag with two pockets on the front (perfect for tissues, travel card, notebook etc)

 all lined with a gusseted zip for security and another pocket inside

  and a plain back so it lies nicely against the body

A bright and colourful handbag and totally my mum's colours.

Happy crafting

Friday, 11 March 2016

Five from one

 As promised I used the sheet of Kanban toppers that I bought at the Exeter show to make 5 cards using my own stash to stretch them.

For the first card I used a sheet of background paper, adding the topper skull strip across the bottom of the card.  I added some black stickles dots as fake gems and cut two butterflies from a masterboard of papercloth I made ages ago and have been slowly using (nearly all gone so I hope to find some time to make another batch as its a really useful item to have in your stash, though it does take a while to make because of the drying time of the glue before you attack it with the sewing machine).

 For card No 2 I used some more of the same background paper and used my scallop scissors (remember them?  I forgot I bought a pair all those years ago when they were popular, I found them during my clear up and remembered how lovely they are to use).  I added some leftover black card from my scrap box (and scalloped this also) and matted and layered the topper with black card, adding some more black stickle 'gems'.

Card No 3 was really quick, I used the large topper and placed it in the middle of the card.  I added a sentiment topper with some foam tape (from the hardware store-much cheaper) for dimension and doodled barbed wire around the edges of the card.

Card No 4 was just as quick and since I was pleased with the previous card I used the same techniques to produce this one.

 Finally Card No 5 was the last of the backing paper and some more off cut black card.  I edged the topper this time with the wedge end of a black promarker (this really is the quickest way to add a coloured border to a topper or card, but you do need a steady hand and not faff as if you falter and stop the colour will bleed).  I then added some more black stickle 'gems'.

There you go, five cards in one session from one topper.  I don't often use toppers (though I do seem to have a lot in my stash to use!) but often you have to really think outside of the box to make them a little different and that's no bad thing.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


 It's Wednesday so that means its once again time to share my "room of shame", 
or more popularly known as "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" where crafters across the globe share desks-clean, productive or hidden under paperwork (and not the crafting kind).

A month ago I decided to tackle the room and sorted out the bottom half of the book case and the boxes on the floor.  Since then I have sorted out my papers and embellishments and gifted a couple of bagfuls of goodies to various friends (much better they get used rather than languishing in my room for another year).  So I decided it was time to dust and clean the window ready for spring (I have NO idea WHY I decided to do this, I blame the tablets!!).  

Now, having Rheumatoid Arthritis means I get tired quickly and when doing heavy work I need to use wrist splints add to this I pulled something in my back Saturday (seriously, hit 45 and the body falls apart!!) which means I set my alarm clock and only worked for 15 minute stints before I rested for a bit.  Yes it does mean everything takes three times as long but at least it means I am not bedridden after I have done the housework etc.

So I decided to remove the items from the window ledge and desk and gave the surfaces a good wipe down-its amazing how spray inks really do travel!!

 By moving everything it means I can ensure it is all sorted in a systematic order and nice and clean (not that you can tell it from the after shot, but take it from me it is!!). 

On the right is the one piece of card I bought at the Exeter show in February!  It is a Kanban topper sheet (£1.60 and I think I can make 5 cards from it if I am clever with my existing stash).  I plan on making the cards this week so will share them when completed.

 My "Man Bites Dogs" cards this week are another Trumpism 'Blonde Tycoon Lost Thousands'  though I would suggest he can be any colour he wants, it all depends which wig he wears and I really hope the thousands refers to the number of voters he looses!

And the great reveal.....

Now the after shot may not look 'that' different but believe me, after three hours hard work it is clean and not a paint splatter in sight!

So, why not join us?  Full details can be found on the lovely Julia's blog with full instructions here

Happy crafting

Sunday, 6 March 2016

March 365 Challenge

Finished my March pages for Kate Cranes 365 Challenge, almost in time for the start 
of the month (almost!!).  I inked the background with Dylusion inks as I love the
way they react to water when you flick it across the pages.  

I then painted a tree with acrylics and adding the bark with gold and black markers.  I painted the first leaves of spring starting to show-a promise of better weather soon.

All ready to be filled in!

Happy crafting

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Another archway!

 Over on the CollaborArt blog we are taking part in a six month chinese whispers fabric project.
Each month we use another participants previous project to inspire us and a small envelope of goodies are sent to try to use some of them in our next project (full details can be found on my previous blog post here).

  The lovely Chris sent me (a larger than expected!!) envelope of goodies 
(such lovely building fabric)

 and this fantastic card titled "The Socialites Boccee Tournament.  Friendly competition ensues on the course but it's no reason to put down the wine"  A sentiment I concur with!!

 The picture of the project I was sent had some stamped images on the fabric (a lovely art quilt representing a season) so I thought I would use that as my inspiration spring board.

I used some fabric I previously dyed in a tea bath and stamped an ornate archway and attached the printed fabric, batting and muslin.  I made a mask to ensure I was covering the archway with the patterned fabric.

 I then free machine embroidered around the stamped image and then with a deep breath cut through the top layer (being extra careful NOT to cut any deeper) to reveal the layers below

 I then added some of the decorative edging and a metal button Chris sent me and made 2 ribbon roses (thanks to Jill and Arlene at the Coven for their patience in teaching me how to do this!) and used some variegated thread to add a couple of hand stitched leaves

 I also added some hand stitching on some of the buildings to add to the quilted effect.

Month two down.  I have already had my photo for the next inspiration, but this project has taught me to hang fire on deciding what to make next as it can be difficult to incorporate some of the items you are sent (which is good as it stretches the imagination).  

So I await another visit from my postie


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Arrgg.....Wednesday again?  Already?  Really?!!!

Normally I struggle to remember what the day is.....but funnily enough Wednesdays have been an occasion in this house (well in my craft room) for a few years now, and I blame the lovely Julia!  For quite a few years now she has been running "Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday" the day when all across the globe we share our spaces of shame (or pride...mine is rarely the latter).  To find all the deets check out her blog here

This photo was taken Tuesday and still looks the same (and no doubt will do for a couple of days)!  I have just started to decorate my March 365 Journal challenge pages...seriously, who knew February was so short and March was already here?!!!

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards....well....."Prez Weeps for Crazy Thug Tycoon".......I don't normally get political on here...but if Trump gets in the majority of the flaming planet will be weeping!
Happy crafting


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Look what the postie brought me!

 I refuse to believe I am the only one who likes receiving post.  Not bills, or junk mail, but good old fashioned post. Letters, postcards or just a card to say hello.  I often send postcards to family and friends (some vintage ones, some naff ones or handmade ones).

These came from NZ for me the other day (thanks mum)....can you guess what they are?

 They pop out to form little coffins!

 How cute?

Their purpose?  Well, believe it or not they are for putting leftover pizza slices in!!  Yep, tuck your leftover pizza slice in these little beauties and they are protected on your trip home!

They have a hole in the top (I presume to let the steam out) so thought these could be re purposed as a ribbon or yarn dispenser.

Thank you postie you made my day