Wednesday, 27 April 2022


 Happy Whats on you  workdesk Wednesday.  Hope you all had a fabulous week?  We were lucky in the UK as the weather wasnt too bad at all, so lots done on the allotment.

Been a bit slow making my return visits, I will try harder, honest!  On my desk this week is a card I need to make for a upcoming birthday and also some paint brushes!  I bought 2 new brushes at the weekend (well I had to walk past the art shop to get to the Bristol Urban Sketcher meet up at the weekend so it seemed like the ideal opportunity!

The reason I was looking for a couple of brushes is that I borrowed this art book from the library.  I looked through my brush roll (mainly filled with my Dad's brushes when I sorted out his kit after he died a few years back) and it didnt look like I had them (the author suggest  synthetic round No 2 and No 6 being the most useful for the 25 techniques in the book).  So, now I have the brushes I dont really have any excuse not to a least make a start on the techniques!!

At the weekend we also had another Bristol Urban Sketchers meet up (physical rather than the zoom ones we have been doing over the past couple of years).  This time it was in Berkley Square, a lovely outdoors venue, nice and quiet with tree cover (in case we had some showers).  There was about 17 of us sketching at various places across the park, some on the grass (some really organised who brought their own small fold up seats)

This was my sketch, I tried something different this time as I splashed some colour down on the page first in the general areas and then added the detail after.  Something I think I will try again as it wasnt as daunting as an empty page!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week - well, new prez!  You couldnt make this up!  These are random cards, honest!!  Anyhoo, are you sharing your desk?  What have you been up to?

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 20 April 2022


Hello peeps, hope you had a fabulous Easter, Passover, Vaisakhi, or just time out etc over the past few days?  In the UK it was unusual a bank holiday and weekend where nice weather was forecast!!!  Most unusual I can tell you!  So, needless to say it was filled with gardening and sorting stuff out (as there just isn't much time with the pay the bills job and things taking me a bit longer with my rheumatoid arthritis) BUT it was successful as I borrowed from Share Bristol (a great charity where you borrow tools etc) electric screwdriver, drills etc and it enabled me to fix my garden gate and also make a raised bed!  On the downside was finding a rat had eaten a hole in the side of the shed so we had to clear the entire shed out to check no nest and clear the droppings!  But, it was lovely weather so it was all piled up on the wee lawn (goodness knows what our neighbours thought!) and I already had the tools borrowed for the week so I could fix it (we need a new shed as this one is over 10 years old!).  The positive is that the shed is now nice and tidy inside and I have room!!  Unlike my craft room, which at the moment is a split between day stuff, mending hubbies slippers (hence the glue in the blue box and the clips on the right)  a quick sketch and general stuff!

However, I did get a chance to make a card, this is from a speedball lino carving I did, a bit basic but I quite like the simplicity of the hills and fence.

 So that's what's on my workdesk this Wednesday?  What about you?

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 6 April 2022


 Hello peeps, and I need to start with an apology as I wasnt able to make it round all the desks last week, time just ran away, after days of meetings and several hours in the dentist chair before I knew it the week had passed!

Anyway, just time for  a really quick update this week.  A few weeks ago a good friend's parents both died within a day of each other.  Really sad and I cant imagine how that was (it was 9 years ago yesterday that my dad died and I cant imagine going through it with both parents).

She is slowly going through their belongings and her mum was a wonderful crafter (even though she was partially sighted, an amazing lady).  So when it came to sorting out her crafting stash a couple of coven members popped up to help her sort through it all.  They kindly sent me photos with "we have put this aside for you!" notes-so I popped over to help (no where near as much help as they had been) and was kindly gifted some new stash!   

How wonderful is this? Some of these items I can think straight away how to use them, others I am going to have to do some research to work out (there is a pack of Tim Holtz distress crayons so will pop over to his page to see how best to play with them).  

A huge thanks and hug to my mate for this and everything she is going through.