Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Hello peeps, so hump day again where we share What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.
On my desk this week are some more cards in the making-I am on a roll with my scrap box since I had a sort out!

My "man bites dog" cards this week are 'Brave wife stuns phsyic'-NO idea what that could refer to!

So, how is your desk?  I hope you are all keeping well and able to keep busy in these uncertain times, at least I know when Wednesday is, I admit it is purely because of Julia's WOYWW updates!!

Happy crafting

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Easter card

Hello peeps, just a quick update as realised I hadn't shared the Easter card I made.

It was an embossed background, hand coloured stamped image and a peel off (the left over wording) in the centre of the card.  Nice and simple and uses more scraps up so all good!

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Hello peeps, I admit this is my desk at the weekend as I have NOT had any time to craft as the pay the bills job has been full on and I have had to cancel my leave so only got a chance to do a quick couple makes at the weekend.

 On the plus side I did manage to make a couple of cards from my scrap box so that was good.  If I recall these booze labels are actually a wallpaper 'sample' I think I picked up last year (I presume I am NOT the only crafter who takes their scissors/pen knife out and ensures a nice clean edge to the paper when they take the free 'samples'?

Now this isn't my craftdesk or from today BUT I was SO proud that I thought I would share!
On Saturday I made my hubby a Vegan afternoon tea.  I have never made one before and I didn't buy anything so just used what we had in and adapted.  Now, to be honest I rarely bake.  It is not that I cannotit is just that I don't enjoy cooking any more!
BUT, this was a challenge and I enjoyed it

I made wild garlic scones, coronation chickpea sandwiches, vegan "egg and cress" sandwiches, smoked "salmon" and cream cheese on oatcakes, choc muffins, fruit scones and biscuits!

Kept me busy for a while and I was impressed with the taste, may even do it again at some point!

Anyway, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday?
If you care to join us there is a link over on the right, we are a friendly bunch! 

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


Hello peeps and happy "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday"!

So, proof that I do NOT learn by my actions!  After the past couple weeks deciding to tidy the craft room I have now decided to clear out a cupboard I use in the spare room to hide stash!!!  So my desk today is the spare bed!!

If I EVER mutter I need a new notebook-NO I DO NOT!!!!

So, I know a few of these are for when I make Christmas presents as the past couple of years I have made fabric patchwork covers and given them as gifts BUT seriously I did NOT think I had amassed this many!!  The two UPFEST ones (top left) are a gift from the amazing street art festival in Bristol when you donate money to them, a couple others were gifts-the rest-no excuse!!

My name is Kyla and I am addicted to notebooks!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Morning all and if you are joining for "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" then hello!

Rather than just my workdesk I thought I would show how it looks after my day off last week when I decided to tidy it.  Well, I was going to do the desk only.  This is it all stripped off and blue tack peeled off and cleaned etc.  BUT that spread out across the week and weekend and I ended up clearing the large bookcase next to it, then at the weekend the smaller units and a hidden one that is behind!  I have only just got it all back together and I haven't even started looking at the unit on the left where I store my dies, papers, resin etc!!

I thought I would organise my findings and embellishments too (WHY????) and decided that the bottles my tablets come in would be perfect storage!  All labelled, really pleased with these and how they turned out.

 Stumbled across my mums old sewing box from when we were kids, brought back SO many memories, mainly of mum having to sew yet another patch on my trousers!

 This is the after shot, yes I know it doesn't look much different BUT there are a few empty drawers in the small sets in the bookcase and now I know where things are!

 A few of the gifts I have been lucky to receive from fellow crafters over the years (sorry I cannot remember who this is from, but I loved it and all these years later it is still on display)

 This amazing tag book I think was from angela the crafty cat and in the background is my first time printing, the black pointed finger I think was Donna (adoone thing) at a WOYWW crop many years ago too.

 and in the middle is  a cut away book swap in 2015, with Sarah, Carmen and Jaz who are all talented artists which was based on Discworld (love Terry Pratchett)

So, bit of a cheat this week as it is my desk today but also a catch up!

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Hello peeps, I hope you are doing as well as can be expected in these very unusual times?
I need to start by apologising as I was not able to do any return visits last week as it has been hectic.  After spending far too many hours each day at the pay the bills job which means staring at a small computer screen by the time I have any time to myself the last thing I want to do is look at another computer screen!  Its a poor excuse but I i will try better!

So I have taken today off! Remembered it was Wednesday and thought....ooh crafting, then looked at the room and thought, oh its my day off-let's sort out a bit!!  Now, I do NOT intend clearing it all out, life is too short for that and I did that a couple years back BUT I do need to look at items that I dont need/can easily use up so I am thinking of creating a small box I can dip into and use up and another for the charity shop (when they eventually re-open).

Then I remembered it is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday so thought a quick photo and a blog update!

So there you go-goodness knows how the day will go I may run out of steam quickly and crave to be outside and do some gardening, but let's see!

Happy crafting