Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Today i have a day off so i am sitting in the garden with last weeks unfinished object and trying to make some progress. Also trying to update my blog via my phone as i dont really want to turn the computer on when i have a day off work-hopefully this will work! 

Not been able to do any return blog visits this week, so sorry and i will try better this week, honest! So, what's on your workdesk Wednesday? 

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW 11th Anniversary

Happy 11th anniversary for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday!  I cannot believe it has been going 11 years?  Where has the time gone?  I bet 11 years ago the lovely Queen of the Desks, aka Julia, never imagined it would go around the globe for all this time!

If you have NO idea what I am blathering on about the full details are on her blog here

Normally for the anniversary we would do cards, ATC's and even a crop/meet up (or cake eating exercise-OR the first time I tasted Fiona's amazing vegan curry) .  Sadly we can't meet up and rather than put additional pressure on the amazing mail system Julia challenged us with a task!  This year we have to pick a UFO (unfinished object) and finish it!!!

Well, there are SO many UFO's to choose from and rather than cards etc I thought I would ferret around in my fabric stash and came across a transfer design I ironed onto fabric MANY years ago then promptly did bugger all with!  So, I made a start, I am realistic that I won't finish it BUT I am planning to finish at least ONE of the roller skates as I can then look to turn it into something.  

When I was a kid I loved my rollerskates, yellow and orange/red just like these and I mean LOVED I even used to cycle my bike in them!  My dad used to work in a factory that made a variety of different items from racing car tyres, submarine parts and most importantly totally ball shaped skateboard wheels and bearings (not flat faced like these in the picture)!!!  This meant he was able to get them fitted to my skates and they were for speed skating and tricks as only the smallest area touched the floor!  I was in AWE of them!!

Anyway, seeing this I thought I would have a go at finishing one of the skates off, will take a while as my hands and rheumatoid arthritis means I can only do short bursts BUT I will post some pictures of my progress and of the finished article!


Sunday, 17 May 2020

wine postcard

Hello peeps just a quick update as I am presuming this has gotten to the recipient by now as I posted it about 3 weeks ago (to NZ).  This was a postcard (as not able to post overseas cards at the moment as that means having to go into a post office for weighing them for the stamps whilst I had a couple international postcard stamps left over) that I made for my Uncle's birthday

The background bottles were stamped and distressed and the main topper was matted and layered, not sure where I got the image from as it was in my scraps box but they love their wine festivals so it seemed fitting for the recipient.

Hope you are all keeping ok and catch up soon

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


Happy hump day and joining us all for "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" where we bare our desks.  Mine this week is clean as been busy with the pay the bills job. 
A couple 5 min sketches I was doing on the Rob Biddulph sketch along on his youtube channel (aimed at kids but they give me a 5 min break from work).

My "Man bites dog" cards this week were a weird random plucking for the headline of "Bored Singer Shoots Fans Angel" - well, they don't always make sense when randomly plucked from the pack!!

So, What's on Your Desk this Wednesday?


Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Happy hump day!  Yep, today thanks to the Queen of desks the lovely Julia here for running (nearly 11 years now!) "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" - several of us across the globe actually know it is Wednesday in these unusal days!!

On my desk this week is my 365 journal.  After all these years I am still doing these, just a quick one liner of something that happened that day, I can fit a couple years in one book and they are really interesting to look back across.

Behind the journal is the lovely card Julia send me in the post, it was fab to get it and some lovely words inside too, hence pride of place on my desk (until my work gets spread back all over!)

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Mayor Blames Angry Wife'-ooh will watch the news!

So, do you dare to bare your desk?  Be it tidy, creative (aka messy), full of work or anything else?  Full details are on Julia's blog linked above, we are across the globe and a friendly bunch

Happy crafting

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Butterfly birthday card

Just a quick update on the card I was making, finally finished it with a rub on butterfly that I added some glitter to (its one of those double sided sticky ones, I have had it loose for AGES).

and the rest? From my scrap box of course!!  Yes, it is quite a big box BUT I have ordered it into small folders of similar colour ways so it does make it a bit quicker to see what I have!

What have you guys been making? 
 I hope to pop round a few blogs this weekend and check them out

Happy crafting