Wednesday, 25 August 2021


Morning all, having to start with an apology again as this is not my desk and I haven't done all my re visits.  Basically long story short 2 weeks ago I woke up with trapped nerves in my spine, add that to my torn rotator cuff and RA and that equates to quite a lot of pain 24/7.  Sadly my meds reacted and to avoid hospital I had to cancel our summer holiday and have had the amazing district nurses visit a couple times a day.  Slowly on the mend and sure it will keep improving but it means everything from work, allotment, life is taking a LOT longer (especially as its painful to type).  

But to be able to still take part I thought I would share my latest makes from just before this happened.


Yep, yet more Courgette and Ginger Jam (seriously I have now run out of jam jars I have made so much!)  I am thinking I may dehydrate some courgette slices into crisps, its going to be a few more weeks looking at the plants that we will be picking these, both green and yellow!

I have also made another couple of jars of pickled nasturtium seeds.  I must not make as many as last year as I ended up with SO many jars that I have been eating them in my salad every lunchtime!

So only a quick update and no Man Bites Dog cards this week but looking forward to seeing what's on your workdesks this Wednesday


Wednesday, 18 August 2021


Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where, thanks to the lovely Queen of Desks Julia (link over on the right) people across the globe bare our desks, be them clean and tidy (a rare occurrence!) or beautifully crafty and full of ideas for "enabling" fellow deskers for some new crafty stash we hadn't even thought about before!!  Then there are desks like mine!  You know, that moment when you get what you think is a good idea "to sort out x,y,z...."   yep, no idea why we do that!!

I thought it would be a good idea to sort out one (yes I have several) of my pencil cases!  No idea why, think I spotted it and my brain had a bit of space in it and thought....ooh!!!


This case is actually a free toiletries bag from New Zealand airlines from a few years back!!  Perfect with its lining to hold pens, paints etc (as you do!) and has 3 other smaller pencil cases inside that I have collected from craft shows and freebies from trade shows etc!!  

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week were pulled out in order (which is unusual as I often have to move them about to make sense) "Fake  Priest Tricks Missing Wife"!!  oooh, another one that makes you think!

So, dare you bare and share your desk with us all?  Go on, we are are friendly bunch and love nosing at others workspaces too!


Wednesday, 11 August 2021


Happy hump day and What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday. The past few weeks have been super busy with work and also the allotment.  I have been making a LOT of chutney, pickled nasturtium seeds and jam.  At the weekend I made another batch of courgette and ginger jam, which has been a go to recipe for me with the allotment as there are often a lot of courgettes!

I don't tend to print much stuff at the moment so printing preserve sticky labels every couple of weeks (which is what I was doing last night when I took this photo) is a way to make sure the printer ink doesn't dry up (as it did last year and we had to replace it even though it had hardly been used!  I was NOT impressed!!) .

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are ' Cruel Exec Sues Hero'!!  Not very pleasant but they were the random cards I pulled from the pack this week!

So, What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday?