Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Happy hump day and another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Well, this was my desk last night as yesterday I had another hospital appointment (more xrays) so I took advantage of sitting in the waiting room and not being able to work for a short while and tried catching up on my Inktober tags!  I sketched a few thoughts and finished some off when I got home in the evening.  Still a bit behind but I am sure I will catch up soon.

The "Man Bites Dog" cards this week, well 'Crazy Heiress Drugs Killer' - no comment!

 Thought  I would share my sketchbook, last weekend I finally got to do a physical catch up with the Bristol Urban Sketchers.  It was my first physical one for a year, we had been doing zoom sketch calls (which were a lifeline for me) but it was brilliant to meet up with members old and new, we even managed to have a couple of cheeky drinks too-admittedly we were lucky as the weather was lovely so we sketched outside and the post meet up drinks were outside too so easy to socially distance, boy I have missed that!

So, What's on your Workdesk this Wednesday?  

Wednesday, 20 October 2021


 Hello peeps, back again after a couple weeks off work for my annual leave and into the throws once again of Inktober.  I have taken part in this for about 6 years now and the last 5 years I have completed the month on tags held together with a ring.  I then hang then from the shelf above my desk and they take up SO little room but can easily be referred back to for inspiration or just a general gawp!

As per usual I am a few days behind so I took some timeout last night (when the photo was taken) to try and catch up.  Not quite there yet but getting there and i am sure with a wet weekend forecast I will have plenty of opportunity to make up any lost time!

My "Man bites dog" cards this week are just odd! "Mob boss Dog sues Brave nurse!!"  well, anything is possible these days it seems, so why not!

Also perched on the right against my small drawers are some great quotation stamps from Jenny at The Artist Stamper.  I won them during the Paralympics when they ran a lucky dip and how fab I won this set! 

Just also a quick mention, Lynne commented on my last post for the Elderberry vinegar recipe, always happy to share so i have included it in the comments on my previous post, feel free to share, make and enjoy (I also make it with strawberries during the glut season).

So, What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday?


Wednesday, 6 October 2021


Hello peeps and welcome to my desk!  Well, sort of its actually the garden table with a cover over it as I have been getting the varnish out and it stinks!  A few weeks back I shared with you the wooden plant labels that I bought from a local charity, the Brandon Trust, for adults with learning disabilities and they make stuff out of wood and make these from the offcuts.  They are a decent size (about the length of a paperback book) and are £1.50 for 5 and all the money goes to the charity so I often buy a pack when I go past.  I paint them with acrylic and use a posca paint pen to create the lettering.  I have been slowly making a whole load of them and these are the latest ones.  I then give them 2 coats of yacht varnish to hopefully winter proof them.  Takes a while for the coats to dry before I can turn them over and repeat the process hence it takes a while but I think they are worth it. 

Also thought I would do an update on another make,  my final batch of elderberry vinegar was ready recently.  I do love this and have made it for a few years now.  Its great over salad or even added to soda water to drink like a victorian shrub.  Either way, elderberries are meant to be good for the immune system so its always worth me making some and it tastes delicious too.

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday then?