Friday, 28 February 2020

A few more cards

I finished my penguin cards!

I thought I would keep then nice and clean with just a little colour on the beaks, some shading and a sentiment.  I then matted it onto a micro dotted background paper.

 Then I was on a roll and found some embossed papers I made ages ago so decided to add some ribbon, flowers, leaves and pearls to another card!

I am hoping this productive run continues!

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Hello peeps it is Wednesday so once again we share what is on our Workdesks

I recently found a box of stamped images I forgot I had so have decided to try and use them over the next few weeks.  Today I have made a start to add some depth to the penguin images, no idea what I am going to do with them--yet!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Hero Priest Bites 340lb Terror Killer'!!!  Well that IS an odd headline!!

So, are you joining us to show what is on your workdesk?  If so full details can be found on the lovely Julia Queen of Desks blog here


Friday, 21 February 2020

Cards update

 Hello peeps, just a quick update on the card I was making on Wednesday.  
This is the hot air balloon card, not too much going on (nice and flat so perfect for posting overseas etc) but it used up one of my masterboards and a stamped image so I suppose thats 2 bits of card less in the room!!

This is the valentines card I made for my hubby.  It was some leftover masterboard from ages ago and I die cut it and stitched round it.  I used 2 backing papers one with the kiss and one with a guitar (since my hubby is a bass guitar player in the punk band The Setbacks).

2 makes and hopefully I can find time to make some more soon


Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Hello peeps, happy hump day!
So, after spending a few days away in London (we saw a LOT of art, textile exhibitions, food but NO gardens or parks as they were all shut due to the storm and amber weather warnings) I have managed to get back in the craft room.

After making about 17 Christmas cards in January (not my usual 20 I like to make but a good enough start so not going to stress about it) I thought it would be good to make some more general cards and use up some stash before the new season of craft shows start (I have used my stickles and glossy accents up on the Christmas cards)!

So on my desk this week is a masterboard I made with a mix of alcohol inks and distress sprays (not made one for ages and after reading Angela's blog and her lovely masterboards I thought I needed to get back into them as they are a great way to batch create backgrounds) and a stamped image of a balloon I totally forgot I had (Bristol, where I live, is the home of hot air balloons so I like to use them in my art at times).

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Brave Blonde Revealed Drugs'!!

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday? 


Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Bit of a different desk, this time it is my dining room table as I am sewing!
Well, by sewing I am mending a free shopping bag.  The bottom hem and fabric was starting the rip open and the fabric run so rather than bin it I quickly added a new hem making the bag about an inch shorter but still functional!

I know it is only a free bag and I have had it for a couple years at least but it is brilliant because it is so light and folds up to a small drawstring which I added a caribiner so I can hang it from my coat/jeans when I am doing a dailywalk in case I need a bag!

See, so small!  I always look out for these when I see a freebie stall in town!
So, what is on your Workdesk this Wednesday?