Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Crafting, crafting and a gargoyle

I know you shouldn't open a statement with an apology, but rules are made to be broken aren't they? So, sorry, I have been really pants with updating this-the weather has been too nice to sit in front of the computer. But I'll make up for it (honest guv).

So, what's been going on then in the world of Li'l Pidge? Well, I have been stretching my wings and flying south for a bit. I took my new bag that I made with some of the material my friend Jill bought for my birthday on my new machine (which you will be pleased to know is still alive). I made a lining:
and included a small pocket with a little label and a magnetic clasp

and then made the cover, added a handle and then some of the lovely material on the covering flap:

I am SO proud!! I have been parading it up and down, and took it around on a quick tour of Devon (where we saw a great gargoyle)

and possibly the maddest scarecrow EVER (just check out the eyes!):

Back on the crafting front, I made a pair of gloves out of some bits of wool I had (dont look too close or you will notice a couple of holes that lead to no-where!):

They even have sparkly white glittery wool in them-a little scratchy, but sparkly, so its worth it. I am knitting a matching skinny scarf at the moment-I know, I should knit something summery, but I can only do a few basic stitches and this is my first attempt at switching wool (thanks mum for the instructions) so increasing and decreasing (and not creating holes that shouldnt be there) will have to be my next lesson!.

The postie brought my latest ATC swap from the CB Forum (who again published a photo of my tag book on their e-newsletter-gosh! I am so chuffed),
The ducks ATC was from Crafty Kayleigh 85 and the elephant from Purple pixie - how cute are they? The theme in March was of course "BBQ wild foraging stylee", (joke! I am a veggie of nearly 20 years!) it was of course Animals.

This is one of the latest cards I have made with my new Crafty Individual Stamp of the trees. I coloured it with distressed ink using a makeup sponge, then distressed the edges, tearing and sanding it down, then inked a dark brown around it image.

I mounted this on patterned paper then attached stamped acetate and attached with brads to get over the problem of seeing glue/tape through the acetate

I have also been experimenting with another new stamp from Crafty Individuals (loving their angel policy) and some mica powders, in dark and pale colours:

and a bit of grungy/rockabilly influenced red and black card:

So, that's most of the catch-up, and the new series of CSI is calling-so time to fly off.

Take care peeps, and happy crafting.

Li'l Pidge

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Finally my mojo is back (and I'm skint)

After killing my sewing machine AGAIN last week (thank goodness it was only £25), rumour was there was a bounty hunter after me for 4 needless slaughters of machines! Coupled with the fact that my mojo up and went (probably travelling round warmer climes!) after I produced some cards that were SO ugly they went in the recycling bin and a bag charm I made my mum that just didnt look right, add to this tooth ache (STILL havent plucked up the courage to have it pulled out as the dentist suggested, I will, I just have to work up to it!!) and some other bits and pieces I had just about had enough (my poor OH, what he has to put up with! The sewing machine nearly landed on him as he walked through the door last Friday!). But, my mojo is back-I managed to make several cards in one night...look!
During the week I girded my loins and went to a new crafting night at the local Cath Kidson shop. They run craft classes for free a couple of times a month, so I thought even though I didn't know anyone I decided to go along, and I am so glad I did. This week they were making egg cosies. The other ladies made some lovely ones decorated with flowers, gems etc....me? Well, what did you expect?
Yep,a mexican day of the dead skull!

They were also making drawstring bags, or as we say in the west country,Dap bags!. I ran out of time so brought the fabric and ribbon home to make it.....

"How did I make it?" I hear you cry? Well, that'll be on my new sewing machine.......Yep, I decided 4 killings were not enough!! I bought it 2nd hand from a great shop in town and they will throw in a free lesson in using it after Easter-its electronic and has several stitches-I love my new machine! I used it for the first time today to make this bag. I have even managed to change the thread colour-basic I know, but for me that is good!!
Look, Isn't it beautiful...
Fingers crossed it lasts my a LONG time (as it cost me a lot of money).

A few weeks ago I made my Nan a birthday pressie of a scrap book of photos of my nan (and departed grand dad) and me as I grew up. I couldn't post a photo before in case my nan looked at this blog-but she has opened her gift now so the coast is clear!
Boy, did it bring back memories making it, and a few tears.
I have also made a tag book for my pen friend in NYC (we became pen friends in our early teens and have stayed good friends ever since) of his vist more than 20 years ago!! Hopefully Josh would have received it by now so I am taking the gamble and posting a photo...
And then I have made one final card with one of my new stamps from Crafty Individuals, I hope you like it.Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge