Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally sorted my craft show stash out!

After a really busy week, I finally managed to sort out the stash I bought at the show. I tried the rollergraph with versamark then applied mica powder and then blended it with loo roll (to be honest I couldn't be bothered to go downstairs and get some kitchen roll!) - which, as I have told my OH before is SO scratchy and rough, and now I have the proof as the effect on the butterflies is a rather attractive (well, I think so!) distressed look - NOT as attractive on ones behind, but you will have to take my word for that!

I have also tried the mexian skull, this time on shrink plastic as a pendant, I have lots of ideas what to do with this, I just need to realise them (I even am dreaming stamps now-help!).

I am also thinking up a couple of ATC for the Crafts-Beautiful forum, the voting was a dead heat for birds and song titles! So we have a choice - I am doing songs, I have made one so far, but again, my OH keeps suggesting song titles, from "A guy works down our chip shop swears he's Elvis" to some very dodgy punk songs (such as "Kill the Poor" by Dead Kennedys) there is no way I am going to make ATC's out of them! I think I need to sit down with my MP3 player and find something suitable...I know you ladies on the forum are open-minded, but some of the music that comes out of his stereo (it becomes his when this ear-bleeding music is coming out and my stereo if its rockabilly or something more refined!!) - but you have to love him for taking an interest!

Recently I also recieved from the ladies on the CB forum this months ATC makes for the Black and white theme - a big thanks to Shelleyhope for the shaker ATC and Lesley Anne for the cat. My new ATC collection is already starting to outgrow the cupboard door that I have stuck them to!

Well ,thats it for now, off to enjoy a cheeky vimto and enjoy the highlights of the Andy Murray match today.

Happy Crafting

Lil Pidge

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What a weekend - Craft Stash and courgette!

What a busy weekend. My brother was down visiting the folks for the weekend from london (Bro, next time check WHICH weekend is Fathers day!) and it was great catching up and surprising my Dad when we picked up my brother from the station (though there were LOTS of questions from him as to why my mum was driving in the opposite direction to where we were meant to be going!).

I also finished my Elderflower cordial and my parents brought the batch they made along and we had a blind tasting - all very nice (Gussie's recipe is a corker) and I even managed to get a 2nd batch on the go at the weekend.
To top it all I also got my first yellow courgette from my veggie plot which my OH made into a thai green curry for tea - lovely!

I also went to a craft show at the weekend in Somerset, it was run by Sincerly-yours and was a great event. Debbie Moore was demonstrating and there was lots of goodies on sale that I have never seen in my local craft shops - needless to say my purse did not stay in my pocket for long! The lure of free tea and coffee meant my OH came along (complete with a book to keep him entertained) and I could leave all my lovely stash with him whilst off I went, like a woman possessed, to seek out more loveliness!

I will keep you posted with how I get on with the new products....

I also got some lovely post from the Crafts-Beautiful forum ladies for this months ATC swap. The theme was black and white and these two are from Lesleyanne (the cat) and Shelleyhope (shaker flower) - I love getting nice post.

I must admit I have not been crafting tonight (updating this blog and the crafts-beautiful forum- there are just not enough hours in the day!) as I had my new gym routine today-so I am shattered and a little bit sore! But I am sure its worth it (after all, according to the adverts, I am!
Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A cordial evening

I didn't feel too good this weekend so no new makes to display, however, my Fathers day card was well received.
I showed a little peak at it earlier in the blog. I am really pleased with the results, it's an easy version of a pop up card, but as it was a first attempt I thought I would make my life a little easier (for a change!).

I did manage to get out another R.A.K. for another CraftsBeautiful forum member, its a good way to sort out your stash and share a little bit of joy - especially since the only post we all seem to get these days are junk mail and bills (I do like the idea of returning the junk mail to the sender in one of the franked envelopes they send you - even more cost to them, a fair retribution considering I never even asked for the 10 or so credit card/personal loans mailshots I seem to get each week!).

The nice weather yesterday did spring me into action and me and the OH decided to have an evening stroll along the stream that runs down the back of our street (I am hoping the exercise will cancel out the large glass of cheeky red I had when we returned!). I must admit to having an ulterior motive as I also took a couple of bags with us and as we walked we collected Elderflower heads from the hedge-row. I then mixed them in a bucket (ooh, its all high-tech round here) with sliced lemons, more sugar than is healthy, citric acid and hot water. Stir every day for 5 days, strain and bottle and there you have it - homemade Elderflower cordial! Its a recipe from a friend of my Mum's (thanks Gussie) so I am looking forward to trying it.

I did make it, yet again in my back garden. What with the felt making and now this the neighbours really must wonder about me!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge

Friday, 13 June 2008

Crafty Stash and an Owl!

Another week is finally over, and with rain forcast for the weekend I am hoping I can get some more crafting done (it feels like a guilty pleasure crafting when the sun is shining, mind you making the felt outside in the garden did solve the problem!).

This week I visited my parents and managed to come away with a variety of stash that I am hoping I can have a go at altering, some boxes, metal locks and a whole host of bits and pieces that I hope to give a second chance to.

Also, we both had a day off this week so ventured into town and whilst my OH did a "poster run" (he is in 2 bands and puts on gigs, so often looks for places to put his posters up) I went to a great craft shop in town, Craft Works, a large craft shop that covers all sorts of crafts - I couldn't resist a few bits and pieces,including some sheet metal that they explained how to use - I am looking forward to having a go at altering that!

Then my lovely husband met me and knowing my love of owls bought me a money box to save for crafty stash, in the shape of an owl, make with beautiful Kimono Silks.
I just need to think of a name for him now, if anyone has any ideas...?

The only crafting I have managed to do is to incorporate my handmade felt into a brooch. I used bought felt and my own felt, a large button for the centre adding blanket stitching and sequins (I am not very good with a needle - even as a child I struggled and things havent got much better!).
I am quite pleased with it and will probably wear it on my handbag and maybe a black jacket - I could get hooked on this felting (sorry, bad pun).
I hope you have all had a good week, happy crafting
Li'l Pidge

Monday, 9 June 2008

The sun is shining and I'm feeling inspired

This weekend me and my fabulous husband, Lee, went down to Devon for the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey organised by the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Over 160 exhibitors and workshops set in the wonderful Devon countryside.

There were some amazing pieces for sale, and after watching a demo on felting I decided to have a go at it this evening, whilst the sun was shining - so off I went into the garden with my bamboo place mat from the dining room( it was all I had to roll the felt in!), wool, kettle and detergent (goodness knows what the neighbours must have thought I was up to!).
I was surprised how few steps there were to turn the wool into felt - I have no idea what I am going to use it for, but I am sure I will think of something and I will definitely have another go.
I also had a go at using alcohol inks, not sure if I am a fan of the effect yet, early days. But I will finish the project off over the next week and post the results - let me know what you think.
So many new techniques to try, so few hours in a day.
Hapy crafting
Li'l Pidge

Thursday, 5 June 2008

A busy week and finally the rain has stopped!

What a week weather wise. It has hardly stopped raining, oh those poor people whose homes have been flooded (and in some cases, flooded yet again).
On the flip side, the wet evenings gave me a chance to blitz the craft room (or the computer room/music room as my OH used to call it!) and it is now nice and organised and I can see all my crafting stash at last. It's all boxed and labelled, though it does look like we visit the Chinese takeaway a tad too much!

Not sure how long it will last like this........
I have been busy tonight and have put togther a R.A.K. ( random act of kindness) for one of the lovely girls on the Craft Beautiful forum, they are fantastic on the forum with loads of ideas and swaps, including sending R.A.K. to other is a sneaky peak at the one I will be sending out this weekend...

After having a crafting "block" for a father's day card I finally had inspiration and decided to try my first pop-up card, I'm really pleased with it, but thought it best to post only a teaser of the card, just in case my Dad reads this blog, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.
It's finally Friday tomorrow, so fingers crossed for some sun over the weekend, and happy crafting.
Li'l pidge

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, after some time reading all the fantastic blogs on this site I have finally decided to take the plunge and start a blog.

I hope this will be a way to share with you designs, inspirations and of course the end product!

To start this off, this is an acceptance card I recently made for my bother-in-law Scott and his lovely fiance Lucy. It was a bit time consuming as I had to stamp and emboss the velum, carefully tear the cardstock adding glitter etc. but worth it for the happy couple.

Hopefully I will have more to post soon.

Li'l Pidge

as Kate Bush once said "be kind to my mistakes"