Wednesday, 30 March 2022


Morning all, and another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday thanks to the lovely Julia the Queen of desks (full details are on her blog here).  This was my desk last night it has stuff on it!!!  Some of you may know I have been a member of Bristol Urban Sketchers for many years and we used to have monthly live sketches as a group in various locations around the city.  Over lockdown this moved to Zoom, which was great as we could still see each other and chat and we could sketch all over the globe!  But, it was lovely on Saturday to be able to do a physical sketch crawl, this time at Bristol Beacon.  Its a fantastic airy space and lots of interest outside and seats too so it was a great place to be.

I haven't had time to post the photo of my sketches on the urban sketchers group or indeed clear out my travel sketch kit until tonight, hence its all over my desk!  Also I have new stash!  Well, one of my fineliners ran out whilst sketching and since CASS Art is about 10 mins walk away from where we were sketching it seemed fate to pop up!  They didnt have the type I was looking for BUT they did have a special offer of a set of 5 pens and a free sketch book so it seemed like fate!  I also bought some more watercolour postcards as they are a great item to take with me for art abandonment when I am out and about, also I have recently borrowed a book on technique exercises for watercolour from the library so I thought I could use these as my testing pages.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Brave Angel Wanted Thousands', well I think we can all think of thousands of brave angels at the moment!

So, What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday?

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 16 March 2022


 Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, well on my desk is sewing! 

 I haven't sewn for ages BUT I didn't really have a choice.  My old allotment jeans (which have already been patched on the bum and crotch a couple years ago) were on the verge of getting me arrested as I realised my knickers and goodness knows what else were on show!  Now, I cant be bothered to patch the knees but the crotch is a different matter!!  So, first I had to trawl through all my scraps to find some demin then I did a quick repair job!  I doubt I will get another year out of them, but if I can get them to last until the summer then chances are a pair of my non allotment jeans will be ready for re purposing!

Also peeking out of my sewing box is (if I recall) a pin cushion from Lunch Lady Jan at one of the WOYWW crops from many years ago, still in use and going strong!  Thanks Jan!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are good, nice and simple "Wanted, Hero Cop" - nice.

Hope you are all ok and happy crafting


Wednesday, 9 March 2022


 Happy What's on your Workdesk Wednesday and first of all an apology as I didn't manage this week to make it round all the return desks, had hubbys birthday (so day off and we went walking round the harbourside and museum for the day and the light trail) and spent longer than I intended catching up on housework over the weekend!  Anyway, I hope you are all ok, with everything going on, not easy but I forget that crafting can be like minfulness as you often get lost when cutting, colouring etc (oh and I will be honest - often cussing as I cut something too small, drop the glued topper upside down etc - you can understand I hope!)

So on my desk this week is a special card I am making so I have made some green resin toppers to add to it.  I just need to remember that they will take a while for the glue to dry when I stick them on! 

Also last week Bristol held its annual Festival of Lights, it's one week where they place huge specially commissioned light installations around the city. They have a map (think there was about 14 installations) and you wander round for free.  These are some of the installations, a huge slinky on top of cargo containers, buildings lit up with moving lights etc

This is a classic Bristolian saying!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week whilst not a full statement (as I drew 4 random cards and the first 3 seemed to cover it) I do think the sentiment is fitting "Thousands Devoted Defends".  
Take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


Happy hump day where we share our desks across the globe thanks to the Queen of desks the lovely Julia, full details can be found here. After everything going on in Ukraine and the feeling of helplessness (we are regular supporter of Medicine Sans Frontier and they have a page dedicated to how to help here ) I decided when I got home from work to shut off and craft.  

So my desk photo is from last night. I needed to do my bullet journal and my 365 journal so I started spraying coloured waterbased sprays all over the pages and added a water spray to move the colour around the page, i will finish the pages off today ready to start filling in immediately.

The "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are  "Tourist Stabs Angry Exec!"  Well, remembering all the issues many people faced in the past 2 years getting refunds etc from cancelled/postponed holidays I can fully understand this headline!!

So, What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday?