Wednesday, 9 March 2022


 Happy What's on your Workdesk Wednesday and first of all an apology as I didn't manage this week to make it round all the return desks, had hubbys birthday (so day off and we went walking round the harbourside and museum for the day and the light trail) and spent longer than I intended catching up on housework over the weekend!  Anyway, I hope you are all ok, with everything going on, not easy but I forget that crafting can be like minfulness as you often get lost when cutting, colouring etc (oh and I will be honest - often cussing as I cut something too small, drop the glued topper upside down etc - you can understand I hope!)

So on my desk this week is a special card I am making so I have made some green resin toppers to add to it.  I just need to remember that they will take a while for the glue to dry when I stick them on! 

Also last week Bristol held its annual Festival of Lights, it's one week where they place huge specially commissioned light installations around the city. They have a map (think there was about 14 installations) and you wander round for free.  These are some of the installations, a huge slinky on top of cargo containers, buildings lit up with moving lights etc

This is a classic Bristolian saying!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week whilst not a full statement (as I drew 4 random cards and the first 3 seemed to cover it) I do think the sentiment is fitting "Thousands Devoted Defends".  
Take care and happy crafting


  1. oh, the annoyance of dropping an inked stamp on a finished card or as you say, the wrong side of the glued item.... we've all been there! I enjoy your walks round Bristol so thank you for sharing (the slinky has to be my favourite as I always wanted one but never had one!) Helen #1

  2. Humph, yes just wiped my hand across a beautifully inked and stamped card and failed to notice I had black ink on my palm. Strategic sentiment placing now required!! The light show looks amazing, we really liked Bristol when we were there a few years ago. MBD cards say it all really. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #20

  3. Hellooo Kyla,I feel your pain when working on something ... frustrating it is! Loooving 💛 your photos from your walk ... that slinky is huuuge ... imagine if it took off 😮😁😘! Wishing you good things in the week ahead,love and hugs Tracy #21 xxx

  4. Love the light installations esp the slinky and the All Right, that made me laugh out loud! What a great idea, Bristol is so good at that sort of thing. My crafting Doh moment is when I discover I’ve sewn something upside down or inside out, yo’d think I’d have realised by now to check before you sew!!! Doh…..
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  5. Loving the light installations - I grew up in Somerset, and my brother went to Bris'l University so I said 'Alrig't my luverrr' in a Somerset accent in my head! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  6. I know I'm late but want to try and get round before bed. The Light festival looks like fun and your desk quite tidy. Interesting 'Man bites Dog' today. Wishing you a very happy woyww and sending hugs, Angela x15x

  7. Oh yes, I do colouring cutting and cussing!! Dropping an inked stamp onto a finished card or squeezing too hard on glue or pearls or glitter are the most common probs. I do not learn! Love the lights, the slinky is my fave…saw lots of them over the week on Facebook, very cheering I must say!

  8. Oh yes I understand! Those silly moments are so annoying! Glad you had a good day off together. Have a great week.Angela #5

  9. Love the slinky. :) Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW #23

  10. I was sure I'd been...must have for got to press the button again, I keep doing that! The desk is lookig ery tidy....I wish mine was! I've promised myself once this covide has gone and I can think straight, I'll do soooooo much more! Have a great week Happy Very Late WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#16

  11. OMG! HOW many times have I ruined things by dropping and inked stamp on top of them? Or dropping a just glue-applied strip of text, glue down on the carpet. Infuriating.
    Criminally late for WOYWW this week :(
    Mary Anne (2)
    PS the "Luvver" made me laugh - very Bristol, and even I know that!

  12. Super pictures from the Festival of Lights.
    I am very late commenting but hope to get around everyone now...
    See you tomorrow!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #13


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