Wednesday, 26 February 2014


 Hello peeps, are you well?

So, my desk this week.....I cannot deny I am a slutty crafter!  All over the place with so many different things out!

On the back of the desk is some talc for MaryAnne's dimensional paste project that I have been playing with (I have more playing to do).

Also a bottle of glycerine (Sheena Doulglas and the Frugal Crafter had some tips so I thought I would give it a go) and also a bottle of surgical spirits (its rubbing alcohol which I know a lot of crafters in the states use, but I cannot find it here...surgical spirits has castor oil added, but I thought I would have a go at experimenting).

 On the floor is a plastic sheet I use to protect the area when spraying (also on the floor are my slippers and a roll of tissue...but that this not as interesting!!).

Floating mid air (actually rested on an open drawer) is my 365 journal and the background pages that are drying ready for me to make into my March pages.

I apologise that I forgot to include my "Man Bites Dog" cards last this time I made sure I remembered!

"thousands attack crazy fake general!" with everything going on in the Ukraine these seem quite apt (though I know its not a general...but it is a political head!).

Happy crafting

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Upcycling a phone cover

 Hello peeps, I hope you all had a good weekend?

I thought I would post my latest "make do and mend".  My phone cover finally fell to pieces, I was determined not to pay another tenner for one as this one was really good and has protected my phone well for the numerous times I have dropped it over the past 3 years!

So I got out my new duck tape and thought I would fix it myself!

 I heated the case and peeled the cover off the back of the holder and covered it in the zebra duct tape (which I bought from Cass Art when I was up in london the other week), making sure I pressed it down well all over, paying particular attention to the edges and where it overlaps.

I then added some of my small magnets that I use for altered art projects which I stuck on with red tape (that stuff is SO sticky...yep, once again I forgot and touched it with my finger....which now has a little less skin attached!!).

There you are, a revamped case for my phone!  A one of kind!

Not sure how long it will last, but it means that I wont have to buy a new cover for a while so that can only be a good thing for the environment as well as my wallet!

Deep breath all....its Monday tomorrow!


Friday, 21 February 2014

February 365 Challenge

Hello peeps, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend?

So, Friday night here started with a chinese takeaway (well, it is Friday...and its been a blooming long week!!) then hubby went out to a punk gig and left me all alone.....

So I decided some dedicated time in the craft room was called for...TV turned off, wine NOT poured and instead paints came out....and spray varnish!!  Well, all I can say is that the whole house now stinks!  I was amazed how much the varnish smelt, especially since I sprayed it outside the front door!!

After a bit of a play (sorry but I cannot show you what I made until the recipient get it!!) I thought it was time to catch up on the world of after several watches of YouTube I finally remembered that I haven't updated my 365 challenge this here it is:
My February pages in all their glory (complete with my new Tim Holtz stencil and my favourite Wendy Vecchi heart stamp).

You can catch up with all the 365 challenges here 

Right, its midnight and hubby has just got in so best explain the smell of varnish!

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hello peeps...I'm back!  Did ya miss me? 

Been absent for a wee bit, pay the bills job and a birthday trip to that there London meant that blogland and even crafting has taken a back seat for a short while.

So, on my desk this week:

A couple of cards I made and a new template I bought when in London (well, if you are doing the museums then you need to pop into Blade Rubber...its literally only 1 street away from the British Museum).

Also on my desk is a tub of Thermomix that the lovely Julia (if that is her real name!!!!!) the Queen of WOYWW sent me a few weeks back to play with.

I have been playing with it (and hope to do a proper play and blog the deets on here over the coming weeks) and made this face from one of my Buddha with the mouldable plastic.

So, I will keep this short and sweet and sign off.

Happy Crafting