Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Hello peeps and welcome to this weeks WOYWW.
I must admit, yet again the "pay for the craft stash" day job has taken over any free time I have and this has meant crafting and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat!!

On the plus side this means my desk is still tidy!!!!

On my desk is the only crafting I have managed this week, an unfinished journal page (the glitter is drying on his wings before I decide what else to do with the page) and one of the labels from my fluffy minion (I don't do cute but I admit I have fallen for the charm of the minions in Despicable Me).

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week is "Bored Wife Stabs Tycoon Again".....I don't know about you, but its the "Again" that makes this all the more sinister!!

So, fancy a legal snoop at workdesks across the globe?  Then pop over to the lovely Julia's blog (link over on the right) for a nose....go on, you know you want to!!!!

Happy Crafting


Monday, 26 August 2013

Free Range Art

Hello peeps, if you are in England then I do hope you are having a lovely bank holiday (last one until the dreaded C word I think!!!).
I have been lucky enough to spend a few days down in Devon and decided to decorate
some more pebbles on the beach and set them free with instructions on the back how to contact me if you find one.

They were decorated with permanent marker and coloured with inktense pencils so I am not sure how long the colour will last-I hope they cheer up whoever happens to come across one of them!
Right, sunny here (woo hoo) so off outside to do some painting (although possibly just sit in a chair and fall asleep in the sun!!).
Happy crafting

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hello fellow WOYWWers how are you today?
Well, as usual the week has gone FAR too fast!

My desk is STILL tidy!! I know, I can hardly believe it myself!!

On my desk this week is my journal (I blogged about the 365 challenge I am taking part in earlier in the week) and top left is a kids card I have made, aliens with wobbly eyes!!

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week are "Crooked Lady Dumps Brave Actor"!!  Well, I will be watching the entertainment news over the coming week to see if they have any relevance!!

So, if you fancy a legal snoop at workdesks across the globe, some artfully messy, some scarily tidy then pop over to the Queen of desks, the lovely Julia for a peek (there is a link over on the right).

Happy crafting

Monday, 19 August 2013

Seed head stamps

I recently had another go at stamp carving and decided to try a seed head.  I see all these lovely seed heads by Angie Lewin on prints, cards and fabric I decided to stick with my inspiration and carve my own seed head (a Dill seed head to be exact).

I mounted it and decided it would be perfect for a card.

Truly all my own work!

Right, I need to crack on and get stuff done (I think the housework and ironing fairy has decided to boycott my house!!).
Happy Crafting

Sunday, 18 August 2013

365 Challenge

Hello peeps.
Now, I know its already half way through August but I have only just taken a photo of this month page!

The 365 Challenge is over a Kate Crane's blog (a very talented lady, I have her DVD's and find her work so inspiring).  

The idea is you write a journal entry every day.  Just a few words or a wee drawing.  I have been doing it for over a year and a half now, and its been wonderful reading back over that time to remind myself what was happening, no matter how small or insignificant.

It only takes a minute a day but its quite satisfying and if I haven't had any time to craft then at least I feel I have achieved, even if its only one journal entry-as they say, every little counts!

Happy Crafting


Friday, 16 August 2013

Bargain Mix Media books and inspiration stikes

 Hello peeps.  I hope you have all been keeping well?
Last weekend I had a free weekend (which is rare) and in Bristol we have a book shop where all the books are £2 each! Well imagine my surprise when hubby found a box of American mixed media books hidden under one of the tables!

Now, lets be honest I could have bought most, if not all of them....but I decided to show restraint (yes I did!) and bought these 2 fabulous books-what a bargain.

I haven't had time to browse them properly (I am saving that for my next ultra long bubble bath!!) but it did inspire me to mess up the Room of Shame (odd.....every time I type that I hear it spoken in a deep booming voice!!) and have a go.

This card has a patterned background, toned down slightly with some corduroy DI.  The tag is Dylusions and DI with some water flicked over then some script over stamped with pink DI.

The heart was a piece of watercolour paper which I added ephemera to then scraped acrylic paints over with an old store card and then wiped some gesso over to mute the tones a little.

I then die cut it, stitched round it and added it to the tag with some more stitching and ribbon.

The best part?  I cleared up the Room of Shame (ooh, there's that voice again!!) straight after so its still tidy!

Right, I think I need to have a lie down after all that tidying!

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 longer the Room of Shame

Hello fellow WOYWWers....check this out!  Last weeks Room of Shame has finally been finished and its all tidy!
I know, I jumped straight in with showing pre-warning or time to allow you to prepare!

Now, I know that some of you with ultra clean "issues" will see this is as a mess...but believe me have a look at last weeks WOYWW and you will understand how much better this really is! 

Not only can you now see the floor but I labelled the drawers (well some of them!) and they now contain similar items (unlike before when it was a bit of a guessing game where anything was!).

No "Man Bites Dog" cards this week....I didn't want to mess up my desk!!!

So, if you fancy sharing your Workdesk on a Wednesday, then join over at the lovely Julia's blog here.
Happy crafting


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Blooming Mail Art

Following on from my "Room of Shame" blog post it has taken me 3 days to sort it all out and now its nice and clean and tidy (well my version  of tidy-I will post the pictures for the next WOYWW!) I am somewhat reluctant to mess it up again!  Believe me, it won't last long though.  Once the housework is finished I am hoping I can spend at least an hour in there later today and will finally get a chance to craft (its been TOO long).

 One piece of crafting I have been able to do a couple of weeks ago was transform some of my old and unwanted 12x12 scrapbook papers that I will never use.  

Over on TrishaToo had a tutorial on how to alter those unloved scrap books papers.  I have lots of them-I buy a lovely pad of papers but there are usually at least half a dozen that just don't float my boat.  Well, TrishaToo had a solution, alter them!
Here is the one she kindly sent me

And this is the one I made as a birthday card (or at least birthday post card) for one of my best friends who is a gardener.

I love the idea of using up previous unloved papers and will be making many more of these.

Right, I need to get some crafting done!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOYWW aka "The Room of Shame"

Hello Peeps...I'm back!  Did you miss me? What d'ya mean you didn't notice?!?!

Well I have been on holiday down to London (Donna if you are reading this...when are we going to do an arty day trip to London?)....I know, not a normal holiday location, but every year me and the hubby go there for a week and we experience, quite often, a different London to many others!!

This time we did a 3D printing and laser cutting adult only after hours session at the Design Museum, walked (yep walked!) to Camden all along the canal THROUGH London Zoo (the canal goes right through the middle), visited a couple of pop-up bars and eateries, went tea tasting at the original Twinnings Tea Shop and visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (SO much art and sculpture it took 4 hrs to go round!!).

More recently, last night we attended another adult only after hours show at the @bristol exhibition.  You can play on all the science experiments (kid free) and we even made a Gromit with the help of an animator from Ardman Animations!

Whats all this to do with WOYWW?  Well, basically it means I haven't had much time to craft, let alone tidy....hence the room of shame!


I know, I hang my head in shame!  BUT I did book today off on leave to tidy up (though I appear to have frittered the morning away already!!).

My Man Bites Dog Cards this week are "Lost Tourist Stuns Devoted Wife"...I like to think the back story may be a tourist was lost, somewhere like the Congo and after more than a year the police tell the wife she should expect the worse....but he makes his way back home!  The book and film will surely follow!!!!!

Anyhoo...I am meant to be tidying not gassing, so pop over to the lovely Julia's blog (link over on the right) and gaze in wonder at the couple of hundred or so desks that are on show.....somehow I think I may have won the prize for this weeks biggest mess, but you never know! 
Happy Crafting