Wednesday, 30 September 2020


 Autumn appears to have arrived, soon the chestnuts will be ready and my walks will be through the crunching leaves (as soon as this rain and wind blows through). 

On my workdesk this week is a card I made for a work colleague who has just had a baby so they know we are all thinking about them.

And considering the 'debates' in the states at the moment i can just imagine many additional headlines with these cards! 

Happy What's on your workdesk Wednesday 

Wednesday, 16 September 2020


Hello peeps, hump day so that means What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where we share our desks across the globe.

On my desk this week appears to be paper bags!  Well, they are, upcycled paper bags BUT filled with fresh herbs from my garden that I collect and dry throughout the summer for use in the winter.

We are getting to the end of the season so this is probably my last harvest of them (well apart from the sage which is evergreen BUT I needed to cut it back).  So I have dried swiss mint, sage, golden tipped marjoram and oregano.  In fact I had SO much sage I placed several large bunches on wall outside with a "Free sage" sign and it all went, so pleased with that.

This is the result of the past few months of drying.  I also have some lemon balm and another mint. 

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Missing DA Rehab Scam'!!!  Well that makes you wonder!!

So, What's on your workdesk this week? Full details are on the Queen of Desks blog Julia, here


Wednesday, 9 September 2020


 Hello peeps hump day so that means sharing What's on your workdesk Wednesday with fellower crafters across the globe courtesy of the Queen of desks, julia.

On my desk this week are a couple of cards i have been making. The one on the left is upcycling an old calendar i cut some lovely images from and the one on the right is for little nieces birthday, she loves space and science so i used some brusho's (i so love their powders) and black acrylic. 

That's all that is on my desk as my spare time is mainly allotment/preserving at the moment (apart from the weekend when the Urban sketchers did an actual meet up, details on my precious blog post-it was SO good to meet up, albeit with the strict rules.

So, dare you bare your desk? Go on, we are a friendly bunch, honest!! Full details on WOYWW are Here


Sunday, 6 September 2020

Bristol Urban Sketchers meet up

 Hello peeps, well today was our first actual meet up since lockdown of Bristol Urban Sketchers. It was so well organised, 6 people in a group, pre booked, outside and socially distanced. Our group met outside St Georges Hall in town near Brandon Hill. 

I forgot my mixer pallet but no worries as i bought a cheeky tesco meal deal of a wrap and also sushi and upcycled the sushi lid as a palette and the soy sauce fish as a water carrier! Worked so well i intend on using them again!

I sketched outside st georges hall sat on the steps then up in Brandon park before we all met for a quick catch up. 

Was great meeting up and there was also another group of 6 the other side of the hall  (which we didn't meet up with to ensure we kept to the rules) and a zoom meet up for those unable to make it, which has been a lifeline and means those shielding or not able to get there can still take part.

So well organised and helped me feel safe which i really appreciated. 

Thanks chaps it was fabulous