Wednesday, 8 March 2023


 Happy hump day. After last week i finally found my jewellery findings and managed to make something, cant share yet until they have been received. However, on my desk this week is a throwback to an earlier week. Those very threadbare allotment jeans have finally been cut up. I have made them into another small waist apron which i can use on the allotment to hold secateurs etc. Not sure whether to edge the apron as i did on one i made a few years ago (on the right, i edged it all in leopard ribbon and has lasted me well). Part of me thinks its not worth edging the allotment one as it will probably get eaten by mice in the tool box as my gloves and hat did! 

My Man Bites Dog cards this week are 'Singer Drops Fake Exec', yep sounds plausible.
In other news, hubby and i finally managed to go to london for a few days. Been trying for over 6 months but havent been able to. 

Well, we got there and since i wanted to visit Kew Gardens it seemed ideal to make sure we went on a day the person i think of as the unofficial guide would  be there! 

Look! How fantastic, i got to catch up with Helen! Not seen each other for a while (as i missed the last crop) so it was fabulous to spend some time with Helen, catching up and exploring some areas of Kew we hadn't seen before. Was brilliant. 

I took SO many photos, but let's be honest, Helens photo blog will have some amazing ones of the blossoms just starting so i recommend heading over to see the lovely photos she takes. 

Happy WOYWW and huge thanks for Julia and Jan for creating this amazing weekly event as i have made some good friends over the years. 


Wednesday, 1 March 2023


 Morning all, only a quick update as this was taken late last night after i got home from work and remembered i needed to make some ear rings for a gift! Not made any for ages so not exactly sure when stuff is! So far i found some beads etc but no findings! Oh well, sure they will turn up! 

Man Bites Dog cards this week are appropriate 'mob boss blames cop strikes!' As a unionist my entire working life it seemed fitting these were randomly drawn! 

Hope you are all crafty and well and looking forward to catching up with your desks 


Wednesday, 22 February 2023


 Hello, will only keep this short, for some reason norton says my blog is phishing! No idea why, couldnt access it for a week then Norton said i was successful in disputing it  but it appears to have happened again so am hoping people can see this! 

On my desk this week is crafting! I know, go me! Its a birthday card i am making. 

Also i had some happy post

These original sketches and paintings were sent to me from Donna in france! How amazing are they? They are now on the wall of my craft room. Seemed right to share it on here as it was via Julia and WOYWW that i met Donna, via the weekly desk visits are a few crops and we hit it off and stayed in touch! Donna, thanks, i love them! 

Thanks to Julia and Jan for creating WOYWW as made some great friends via this. 


Wednesday, 8 February 2023


 Happy hump day, running late, just finished work and realised i havent done a post this week. Luckily its Wednesday so plan on doing the emilys notebook weekly painting session in a bit, hence my sketch kit is back left of my desk. Also am making a rather rushed valentine's card, thought that counts though, surely?!! 

My 'Man bites dog' cards this week- 'nude tycoon prez tricks exec!' Nooo, my eyes!! Lol!  Anyway, whats on your workdesk this Wednesday?


Wednesday, 1 February 2023


 Happy What's on your workdesk Wednesday. On my desk this week are my old allotment jeans! Massive holes in the knees and bum that have been patched at least 2 if not 3 times so i think they need to go (even if just in the name of decency and not flashing other plot holders!!). However, i have in the past made an apron and storage pots from old demin so i am thinking of what i can salvage until i read that old denim is also good for cleaning rags for tools, so am now thinking allotment rags! 

The man bites dog cards aren't great this week, but it goes like that some weeks, all in the luck of the draw. 

After mentioning last week i have been doing the free wednesday online drawing class with Emilys notebook i thought i would share what i have been drawing.

Week one (for me) was dogs-this didn't sit well with me, but it looks like a dog so was chuffed with that.

the 2nd session was landscapes, i preferred the 2nd on, i added colour with inktense pencils (love these pencils).

This was an apple, but i think it looks more like a tomato!! 

And last weeks was a pair of trainers, quite like how these turned out. 

Not done anything like this before (i do urban sketchers but never an actual class) and been enjoying them. Quite like the look of some of her online paid classes too.

Anyway, what's on your workdesk? 


Wednesday, 25 January 2023


 Happy What's on your workdesk Wednesday.  Not done much crafting as been a bit shattered but did manage to make some C cards! Not made my usual amount by this time of year, only 9 so far, but its some so thats good. 

On the back of my desk is my red sketch book. On wednesday evenings i am doing a free zoom video painting course by Emilys Notebook. So far i have sketched dogs, scenery and an apple. This evenings is sketching shoes! My sketches arent great but I will post an update as its a really good course and one i have only just discovered. 

Was also lucky enough to have another sketching session at the weekend with our Bristol urban sketchers group, was a great couple of hours just sat sketching. 

Forgot to post my man bites dog cards this week, will try to remember next week.

So, what's on your workdesk?


Wednesday, 11 January 2023


 Hello and guess What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday??!!!  Crafting!!!!!!!   I know, hope you were sat down for that!  It's because I have a day off today and pre planned to get up and craft, even if only for an hr or so.

So, I tend to have a habit that I try to make 15-20 Christmas cards in January each year, I find it takes the pressure off me in November and December.  Not made any yet, BUT, I am gathering the papers etc.  I tend to cut up and upcycle some bits of cards we receive as well as stamped images and die cuts and I keep them all in one box so I can store them in one place (by store, I mean sweep my arm across my desk when fed up and throw them in there out of sight!!).  If I can make half a dozen by the end of the weekend I will be chuffed.  If not, no worries.

Also on my desk, at the back is a red notebook.  On there are a couple sketches of dogs, not great, but fun to do.  I discovered where she offers free live online sketching workshops 19:00 Wednesdays!  So last Wednesday was my first one, and yep, hooked so I plan on doing more!

My "man bites dog" cards this week are "Cruel Singer Tricks Fans" - ooooh, I wonder who that is!

So,  What's on Your Workdesk this Wednesday?  


Wednesday, 4 January 2023


 Happy first What's on your workdesk Wednesday of 2023! Only a short update today as rather behind (drafted last night).

Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year, be it working, time off, time out or catching up with people? 

On my desk-well, micro greens! They are growing on the window ledge but needed moving whilst i cleaned the window ledge last night! These are fenugreek and onion and get sprinkled on my salads, soups, stews etc. 

Also, thought i would share my gratitude tin. Been doing this for about 7 years now. An old coffee tin covered in gaffa tape (SO love that they do patterned gaffa tape), with a bulldog clip with papers and a pen. Then when we have something we are grateful for we make a note and pop it in the tin. Could be something simple like a walk or catching up with friends or a gig, either way, usually a few times a week we have something to add. Then on new years day we pour them out and randomly pick one and read it out. Simple, free, takes seconds to fill in but brings some great memories flooding back. 

So, happy 2023 and hope you all had a good one. 
Happy crafting

Wednesday, 28 December 2022

WOYWW last of 2022

 Morning all, hope everyone had as good a christmas as possible? Ours was a quiet one but lovely to spend time with hubby and no work. Christmas day was a wet day so stayed in most of the day unlike boxing day when it was dry and sunny so we popped to our nearest town and watched the local Mummers do a street play that has been performed in the town for 200 years! 

Was brilliant to watch and the audience participation was good too! 

So onto my desk. Thought it would be a perfect opportunity to crack on with my journals so i have gesso'd my 365 journal and i will add colour later. I also finished my bullet journal pages for january so i will be ready for the start of the month! Most unusual!! 

My 'man bites dog' headline this week is 'crazy judge snubs last lover'!! 

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday? 



Wednesday, 14 December 2022


 Ah, not much to show on this week's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Desk has no crafting, mainly as its been SO cold (snow this week) so after work I have been tucked under my electric blanket on the sofa annoying hubby by grabbing the TV controller :-)

I have however turned on my little led lights I keep round the desk (well it's almost Christmas) and I plan on making something with my painted backing cards I used up my old paint tubes on the other week, when i say plan, i don't have one, but I am sure something will come to mind once I start!

Remembered my "man bites dog" cards this week and loving this weeks headline "Blonde Exec Weds Model Nurse!" - nice :-)

So, What's on your workdesk this wednesday?