Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Now, this is a much better WOYWW than my last!!

On my desk are a couple of things I am working on. On the left is a pot I have made for my parents-its a re purposed vitamin container and the lolly sticks on the desks each have a location printed on them. These go into the pot....why? Well, my parents can take a while to decide where to go out for the day so I thought I would help them with these decision sticks!! When they cannot decide they can pick a stick and see what the suggestion is for the day!!

behind that and to the right is a chipboard scrap book I am making celebrating my 40th birthday (party, weekend away and Paperartsy Tim Holtz event), the page you can see is the weekend away my husband organised complete with a hot stone massaged (the photo top right). It seems like so long ago-I think I need another (hint to hubby if you're reading this!!)

In case you are wondering what all this WOYWW is about, check out Julia's blog (there is a link to the right) and before you know it you'll be hooked...people from all over the world are!!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x

YES! I finally have my craft room back AND hot water (boy, the first bath since boxing day was certainly welcomed! We do have an electric shower so no, we didn't hum since Christmas,but through all that snowy weather in Jan and Feb it really isn't the same as a deep, long, hot, bubble bath!!).

So, back to some crafting. This card is a gate fold card, but to find out who it's from the recipient has to undo the corset card! I am loving the paper-the background is quite glossy and the pattern is slightly raised and matt, adding some great texture.

Can you guess what the paper is?

Did you guess? It's wallpaper!!! How cool is that? I'll share a crafty secret with you....pop along to your DIY store and in the wallpaper department there are some great papers....ask, you'll be allowed to cut off some samples and hey presto unusual paper for free!!

So, what have I been up to this Easter? This weekend saw the wedding celebrations of friends of ours Chris and Helen (congratulations you guys) . They love the 50's rockabilly styling and got married in Vegas. Helen looked stunning with her bright red hair and Vivian Holloway white wedding dress-simply stunning.

So I designed this card for them. On pearl card I stamped in white, very pale grey and red (stamping it off the paper first to lighten the stamped image) with some 50's inspired stamps.

I then stamped a sailor Jerry inspired tattoo heart and stamped their initials with stamps that look a little like the CBGB font, adding a couple of scroll peel offs and matt and layered it on red mirror card and holographic card for a little sparkle, finishing it off with some organza ribbon.

In case you were wondering, I coloured the image with pro markers.

I hope you are all crafting and if you are in the UK and enjoying the nice weather-remember you can craft outside!!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Happy WOYWW (whats on your workdesk wednesday), where has the week gone?

Its certainly been busy, hence not as many posts...Saturday saw me and my OH go to the seaside, sun and a warm sea breeze in April-I could get used to that! Sunday saw a crafting coven outing to the Shepton Mallet Craft fair. Not as busy as usual, I'm guessing 'cos Ali Pali was on in the same weekend down in London, but I think we all managed to bag a few bargains.

As you can see there is NOTHING on my workdesk!! Not even a desk! This is because after the boiler decided to break on boxing day (no hot water since then...its been fun!) we were finally able to get a plumber to fit a new one....only problem...the pipes are under my craft room!

There was no way round it, everything had to be VERY quickly packed up and moved until the work is done!!! Hopefully I can move it back in at the weekend...after all, I NEED to craft!!

If you haven't come across WOYWW, pop over to Julia's blog (there is a link over on the right) to check it out...

Happy crafting (for you, not me for a few days!!)

Li'l Pidge

Friday, 8 April 2011

A few more cards and a new follower

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that these cards are made from the images I had stamped on last weeks WOYWW-that means I finally finished something!! Usually the half finished images end up in my scraps box for AGES, but these images are so damn cute that I couldn't resist finishing them. As well as adding colour from my distressing inks (with my fast becoming favourite product, my ink dusters) I added some colour with pro markers and spritzed some mica to add a little sheen
Both backing papers were plain and stamped with another lavinia stamp, just to tie everything in together, how cute are they?! (this is about as cute as I like to get...!)

Also a big Hello to a new follow, Karen, a fellow WOYWW, hello and thanks for following.

So, as I am sat in the sun (hurrah!) in the back garden typing this up and the strain on the old eyes is a bit much (lets face it, a netbook isnt really made for using outside in the blazing sun!!) but too much time inside in the craft room when its this nice does feel as though I am missing out a little too much (if it stays this warm I may be tempted to do a little wet felting in the garden or maybe some cloth dying....also freaks the neighbours out seeing me hitting a ball of wool covered in soapy suds!!!).

Happy Crafting

Li'l pidge x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From a sunny WOYWW

Hurrah! WOYWW and its warm and sunny here in the UK! The warmest day of the year so far! So what's on my desk this week? Well, I have been playing with my new Lavina stamps and the ink dusters that I bought in the NEC, I have also been experimenting with solid blocks of colour (the card with the yellow block and black stamp) and trying out one layer cards (cheaper to post which sometimes needs to be a factor) Here is a close up, I love the row of fairy shops, I masked them to create a continuous row, not sure how to finish the cards off yet, but I will make sure I post the pictures.
Anyway, I recommend a trip over to Julia's WOYWW blog to have a look round some fellow crafters desks from all over the world!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I knew it.....I knew the big shot would change my life!! Now I don't think this is an overstatement...I have tried embossing and cutting EVERYTHING, I have been through my recycling bin and fabric scrap box!! You have been warned, you visit the nest, expect to be frisked for goodies that can be put through the big shot. In fact, it's become a member of the I have decided to name it...Bertha! Yep, big Bertha the big shot!!! So this weeks play... This is the card I made for my Mum's mothering Sunday card. The background papers are torn and distressed and I have added a small piece of vintage text that I gesso'd and distressed and then over stamped. The bird is cut out of dove grey glove leather over stamped. I then made 2 eggs out of air drying paper clay which I painted and glazed for a high gloss, then made a needle felted nest to home them in! As you'd expect I then assembled the whole lot with my glue gun. I use my glue gun so much its knackered! I 'borrowed' it from my dad and its over 20 years old and now the rubber tip has finally broken off so there is now an exposed metal point-which gets VERY HOT (I am speaking from experience here!!) so I think a trip to Axminster tools is overdue!

This card is an order from work for a male's 21st card. The brief was he was a member of the Real Ale Society and a fan of Radio 4 comedy, not an easy combination but I think it turned out ok.

The background paper is BRA (Bristol Real Ale) and embossed some acetate to represent the head on beer and a I added a customised train ticket from Bristol to Mornington Crescent!!

Like I said, I am falling in love with Bertha!!!!

Off to play some more.....

Li'l Pidge