Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Happy WOYWW (whats on your workdesk wednesday), where has the week gone?

Its certainly been busy, hence not as many posts...Saturday saw me and my OH go to the seaside, sun and a warm sea breeze in April-I could get used to that! Sunday saw a crafting coven outing to the Shepton Mallet Craft fair. Not as busy as usual, I'm guessing 'cos Ali Pali was on in the same weekend down in London, but I think we all managed to bag a few bargains.

As you can see there is NOTHING on my workdesk!! Not even a desk! This is because after the boiler decided to break on boxing day (no hot water since then...its been fun!) we were finally able to get a plumber to fit a new one....only problem...the pipes are under my craft room!

There was no way round it, everything had to be VERY quickly packed up and moved until the work is done!!! Hopefully I can move it back in at the weekend...after all, I NEED to craft!!

If you haven't come across WOYWW, pop over to Julia's blog (there is a link over on the right) to check it out...

Happy crafting (for you, not me for a few days!!)

Li'l Pidge


  1. Oh heck! What a dilemma - a broken boiler and the need to move a craft room out quickly! Just hope it never happens to me - what will I do?
    Hope you soon get back into your area and get crafting. #26
    (btw - the word verification is "dumps" for this comment)

  2. Ah bless hun that's no fun at all - glad you're finally able to have hot water but I wouldn't fancy trying to shift my craft stuff in any kind of hurry LOL! Hope you have a good Wednesday!

  3. Good luck with getting the boiler sorted - that is a long time to be without!

  4. Good luck with getting your crafty space back very soon.
    A x

  5. Poor you, what a palaver! hope you are back in the craft zone ASAP.
    My sympathies!
    JoZarty x

  6. How devastating for you to have to move your craft room stuff out! My deepest sympathies. And no hot water! How have you managed to get ink off your mitts?

    Hope you are back to "normal" pretty soon!!

    You can pop over here if you need to do some crafting urgently!

  7. Oh poor you! Plumbing issues are always a pain in the backside. I am envious of you going to the seashore. Hope you get your desk back and can craft soon. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  8. Sorry to hear about your boiler...that really stinks! Hope you can get your area back soon!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW!

    I have some yummy candy on my blog if you'd like to check it out! :D

    My Blog Candy!

    xx Tracey xx


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