Sunday, 15 November 2009

Spit and polish

Wow, the south west has been BATTERED by storms, driving rain (flooded garage-good job everything is on breeze blocks in there!) and high winds. So, rather than craft we decided to have a good old sort out-the larder was stripped bare and cleaned, tidied and sorted within an inch of its OCD life! Then then floors mopped, window ledges cleaned, net curtains cleaned and the lounge damp dusted!!!!!!

Then watched Dr Who (ooh, its a good 'un, but not impressed about having to wait until Christmas for the next one!!) and now shattered, so off to bed!

Happy crafting all, hopefully I'll get some done later in the week

Lil Pidge

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Where have the last two months gone

Blogland people-so sorry, I have no idea where the past 2 months have gone!! That means I am 2 months closer to being another year older, 2 months closer to Christmas (hands up all those crafters who have not started the Christmas cards this year-yep, both my hands are up) but 2 months closer to Spring!!

So, bit of a catch up-my lovely OH took me to Paris for our anniversary, a great few days away and SO many photo opportunities, here are just a few:

This was an amazing canal trip with a difference, you actually travel UNDER the city, under the Bastille and all the thousands of tourists pounding the streets above you.complete with its own version of the Mona Lisa!

Of course, no trip to Paris would be the same without visiting a few of the main sites, the louvre was stunning in the sun.

There is no denying it, Paris was expensive and there were queues of more than an hour+ at several of the sites, but with a bit of research (and luck) there are some great cheap (and even free) things to do:
This is inside Gallarie Lafayette, the centre of the store (basically the 2nd oldest department store in Paris) has the most amazing art nouvelle staircases and building, then look up....what an amazing roof (also, seek out the lifts, complete with all the orginal metal and woodwork, amazing). The reason you go there is to reach the roof terrace where you get the best free view of Paris-FREE!Then, the Sacre Couer-you can use your train pass to get the tram up the hill, or walk for free (we got the tram up and walked back down through the park, stopping off for a vin rouge (or two) on the way down, the view is great during the day, or at night.If you love art, then paris is for you, even the metal work is beautiful

If you fancy a bit of culture, but don't want to queue or pay a fortune, then head off to the Museum of Modern art, a great cafe (more vin rouge, cheaper than a cup of tea-so a bit of a no brainer) and the musuem is FREE

One thing, look out when walking around, yes there are lots of 'scams' for unwary tourists, but there are some amazing 'hidden' gems....just look at what we found attached to a wall of a house as we walked around......very odd....

Well, that is enough for now as I need to make supper, brococolli and cauliflower cheese I think (the veg box was filled with it!) then maybe time for a bit of crafting

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x