Wednesday, 24 February 2021


 Happy hump day so that means sharing our desks with the Queen of desks Julia for What's on your workdesk Wednesday. 

Late entry for me as I have a day off work so got sidetracked! First apologies as i havent been able to do all my return visit to you from last week, i will try better this week.

So, on my desk is my 365 journal and i am gessoing the pages ready for March and April as i find the paper takes the spray inks better with a gesso base. 


On a positive I did manage some me time at the weekend and joined my regular group the Bristol urban sketchers. For the past year we have been doing virtual meet ups. We agree a destination (this time was Norway) and we sketch whilst chatting for a couple hrs on zoom then share our pics. Its been a godsend as its been my only group craft/art that i have done.

This is with inktense pencils for the northern lights and below was a really interesting neon looking bridge so i experimented and painted the page with black acrylic and used posca pens. 

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday?


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

WOYWW with a difference

This weeks What's  on your workdesk Wednesday is different. Why? Well, most will know that at the weekend we lost the amazing crafter, enabler (and wifelet to the amazing Doug) Shaz Silverwolf. 

Shaz was a crafting legend and long time fellow crafter and when we met and realised a shared passion for alternative music too it was brilliant. There isnt much i can add that others havent already said. But, in honour i decided to get a certain hand carved stamp out to use. Years ago at a WOYWW crop i had this image on a 'misfortune cookie' wrapper. Doug and shaz took one look at it, smiled and Doug said, you could carve that for a stamp! 

And they were right! 'Cos i went home from the crop and did exactly that! I love the image and have used it several times, so it seemed fitting to get it out again. 

My 'Man bites dog' this week - Dog tricks Priest!! 

Rest in peace Shaz 


Wednesday, 3 February 2021


 Hump day so that means sharing our desks with the lovely Julia Queen of desks at her blog here

Only a short update as been hectic, but if you read my update last week you will understand my pleasure and excitement as on 31st Jan i completed my 20th Christmas card!!! Hurrah, they can be put away until I panic in November!! 

This means i can now finally try to find some time to craft before the allotment takes over my spare time again!! 

So, what's on your workdesk Wednesday?