Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello peeps, I hope you are well.  
I am doing this post in advance of Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday as I have not been paying attention to my word of the year....nope, it wasn't Work, or unpaidovertime (I know that is two words but it doesn't really work!) or even housework.....it was BALANCE!  You wouldn't know it, apart from one night a week at coven I have not spent more than ten minutes at my craft desk in the past 2 weeks!  This does not make for a happy Kyla, so tonight I plan on getting inky!

 On my desk is (hidden) a couple of cards I made at coven, one is for my baby brothers 40th on Valentines day (he's a love child....he HATED that when I used to say it when we were kids!!) and the other is a Valentine for my DH (hence they are hidden).

Also on my desk is a couple of Christmas cards (I know, it's never right is it!!). I have made them  from cards I salvaged from peoples recycling bins!!  I blame Sam (Hettie) and Di as they were doing this on the snippets playground here

I don't normally 'upcycle' old cards, but some of the images made lovely toppers, so with some extra card, embossing and of course glitter...I thought 'why not?'.

Also near the front of the desk is one of my Darth Vadar masks from my Darth Snowflake I made at Christmas.  I sprayed it black and am seeing if the thin paper can withstand some Judikins Art Gel to make it glossy....its not looking great as I type this as its curling and cracking!  Oh well, life it full of experiments!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week spell out 'Downsize Hits Thousands, Angry Strikes Again'.....Cameron and Clegg......who have been warned!!

 Also, last week Mary Ann asked what I was using to colour in my fabric tote bag....they are Pentel Fabric Pastels, a Christmas gift a couple of years ago from one of our Coven members, just colour, iron and go!  I tend to use these for detailed work and Adirondak sprays for stencil work-one of the best fabric sprays I have come across-just wish they came in brighter colours.

That's it for now....supper calls then ink!

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Happy Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday again, I hope you are all doing well?

 My desk this week is actually at Coven (hence its so clean!!).

This week I am using my fabric pastels colouring in a fabric tote that I bought from our local market for a £1 - well, its such thick fabric that you cannot really go wrong for a quid!

Also on the desk is the book my fellow Coven member is using to make some stuffed animals for a pensioners residential group that she runs....and you can see the bunny rabbit peeking out of the top of the pot that she has already made!!  So cute.

"Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Devoted Cop Tells on Tycoon General'.....ooh!

So, how is your desk this week?  Clean and freaky or dirty and slutty?  Go on, do show...it's a legal snoop at desks across the globe thanks to the Queen of Desks Julia, all you need to join is pop over here

Happy Crafting


Monday, 20 January 2014

You are my sunshine

 Hello peeps, so this is the show and tell of the final Christmas pressie that I made.

This is the present that I made for my Nan.  She is 89 (90 in a couple of months) and lives in New Zealand.  I had NO idea what I could get Nan for Christmas then I remembered I had painted a piece of fabric with a lovely sunny design but had no idea what to do with it.

So I decided to do some free machine embroidery-I got a bit carried away and ended up embroidering over most of it!

 I used a variety of stitches and then backed the piece with felt and machine stitched a border all the way round.

I did a bit of hand stitching too and then added a couple of rings on the back and some ribbon.  That way Nan can either hang it on the wall or use it as a place mat on her bedside table.

Now I just need to think what I can make for her birthday in March!!!

Happy crafting


Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hello peeps, hump day again so that means its time for another legal snoop at desks across the globe.  
First off, a quick apology.  I like to get round to, at the minimum, the desks of those that visit me and if I can a few more.  However, things have been a bit hectic here (mums birthday celebrations, decorating, work...you get the picture!) in the name of balance, something had to give and  blogging was it!

Right, onwards and upwards. On my desk this week is my 365 challenge journal.  This time I am finishing off my February pages.  This week at Coven a couple of the members wanted to have a go at it too, so I did a wee teaching session on producing backgrounds and I wanted to finish my page off whilst I still had all the bits and bobs unpacked.
My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are quite simply "Mayor Shoots Judge"...ooeer missus!  In Bristol we were the only other city (apart from London) who voted to have a Mayor...I will be keeping a close eye on him this week!!

If you fancy joining in then pop over to the lovely Julia's blog (link over on the right).
Fingers crossed my "balance" is better this week (diary is already chocker so I think I need to look in this balance malarky!!).
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

WOYWW and a snippets card

Hello peeps, I hope you are all well and for those being hit by weather colder than Mars over in the States that you are all ok.  I also hope all those of you in the UK are ok with the gales and flooding (my garage has flooded and the road I take to Bath is closed but apart from that, fingers crossed, we have been VERY lucky as I know many who haven't).

So, on my workdesk this week (I admit I did this Tuesday late afternoon as I am am busy tomorrow) is top left my Darth Vadar handcut snowflake left over from Christmas.  It took so long to cut it out I am loathed to throw it out.  I am tempted to spray it black and cut out the Darth Vadars and use them as toppers!

On the right is a lovely new stamp set (Lynne Perrella collection from PaperArtsy - a Christmas gift from hubby) and a card I made at coven.  I didn't have any UFO's (that I could find any!) so grabbed a handful from my scraps box grabbed my craft grab bag (a few bits and bobs in a small tote that I keep hand for times like this) and my new stamp set and made a card at Coven (our weekly craft get together).

This is the card I made.  I created a background with a stamp, tore up a page from a Chinese newspaper (free as wrapping from a Chinese supermarket) and stamped the image on scrap card and coloured it with DI and a waterpen.

I also had the right shade of purple flower in my scraps box (I really do chuck any old bits and bobs left over in there!) for the purple ink pad I had already in my bag!  It was meant to be!!

I will be entering this over at Di's blog in the snippets challenge.

Finally, my "Man Bites Dog" cards this week....."Rare DNA Dog Tricks Judge!"....I almost dread to pick the papers up this week!!!

So, if you pop over to the  WOYWW blog here you too can have a legal snoop at tables all over the globe!

Happy crafting

Thursday, 2 January 2014

365 Challenge

 Hello peeps, I hope you are well and not too wet! 
Just a quick thankyou to the lovely WOYWW for their kind words regarding my annual roundup-it really does make a difference.

Onwards and upwards they say, so with that in mind after completing my 2nd year of Kate Cranes 365 Challenge I have decided to continue and do a 3rd year!!

So here are the pages for January all ready.  The month letters are cut from my cereal boxes and painted with pearl paint and then some distress glitter over the top for a vintage look.

I sprayed the background pages with my ever trusty Dylusion inks and added some darker blue DI through some stencils to add depth (including my new TH cracked glass stencil-thanks for my DH for the gift).  Then I added some pearl paint using the paint lid as a circular stamp and then added some die cut snowflakes and scribbled with some distress stickles to add a little bling

I added some stamped snowmen on scrap card and coloured them with posca pens. All ready to now add my daily journalings (is that actually a word?).

Here is my completed December pages

If you fancy a small daily project (once the the pages are made it only takes a minute or so to complete each day) then I can recommend the 365 Challenge over at Kate Cranes blog here.

Happy Crafting