Wednesday, 28 March 2012


 I am really late for WOYWW so its only going to be a quick post, so this week is mainly inks, sprays and tags as I am doing the Tim Holtz online class, its great fun and you can still join here

On the left in the glass ramekin (I MUST take that back downstairs to the kitchen!!) is a small nest with 3 plastic eggs and feathers in, I bought a pack of them for £1, I thought they would look great on an altered bird box  (that will be another UFO (UnFinished Object) then!!).  On the right is the ever trusty (and ever expanding) scrap box.


 This is a door hanger I made (don't think I shared it with you when I made it a few weeks ago), I stamped my one set of Dylusions stamps (I hope to be able to get some more at the next show I go to) over the top of some acrylic and copper waxes that I scraped back to expose the layers, adding a computer generated saying and a grungepaper tattered floral flower and the Studio490 leaves.

It now hangs proudly on my craft room door!

Anyhoo, if you fancy a nose around some other desks feel free to pop over to the wonderful  Julia's blog-its amazing how many people, from all over the world take part.

Happy Crafting

Li'l  Pidge x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 3

 So, the inevitable happened....Days 1 and 2 and all those good intentions...Day 3 and I end up feeling crook and going to bed early instead!  Never mind, I started work at 06:30 this morning which means I have finished early and been playing catchup.

This tag is meant to be archival inks with distress over the top...I only have black so I thought....stayz-on has similar  properties (I admit, they are not oil based, but at least they are waterproof so the theory should sort of work...!)

It sort of works, its certainly a technique I have not tried before and that is the whole point of the course....see, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

This tag is made with alcohol inks and archival I am loving this reminds me of the film 'Clockwork Orange' (which was on TV again the other day.....which in itself seems odd since it was banned for so long, but I do like it!).

Anyhoo....gonna try to do some on Day 4 with Tim Holtz on Day 4!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Welcome to Wednesday (again)...hump day....but more importantly...WOYWW....and the legal snoop around desks all over the world (that still freaks me out....sat here in the UK and I can peek at a desk in Vancouver, Holland.....where next?  The moon?).

If you have read my earlier posts (and if not, why not?!!) you will know I am taking part in a Tim Holtz online class.....which is fab.....but there is one downside!!!

Look at the mess of my desk!!!!  Lol!

Now, I normally craft in a state of perpetual artistry (mess!) but some months ago MANY WOYWWers infected me with their tidy bug....and I have been really good (honest!!) and cleaned up after each session (mostly!!)....but I was so engrossed with last nights class I crafted into the wee small hours....hence I left the mess!

And in the top you spot my WOYWW badge from the lovely Julia?  Thanks everso, I will wear it with pride to each craft show I go to....if you see someone wearing it, pop over and say Hi, its like a secret society.....perhaps Julia can come up with a snazzy handshake or maybe a codeword?  Or perhaps I have had a tad too much excitement for one day and should have a cup of herbal tea?!!

Anyway, if you would like a legal snoop around desks pop over to Julia's blog here.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Woo Hoo....mojo is back!

Hello Peeps,

As I blathered on before, in an effort to not work too late and have some sanity time (that'll be crafting then!) I signed up to Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry class by onelinecardclasses.

Yesterday was Day 1, understanding the differences between dye and pigments etc.  Now, I have crafted for more than 30 years (gulp!!) but I tend to learn visually, so some things just don't sink in, let alone stay in the old grey matter (yes, it is probably an age thing also...or maybe too many ciders whilst locked in the craft room?!), however, by george, this seems to have struck a chord!!  Bloody marvellous!

So, I experimented last night with various mediums and papers....

For example, this is a pearl acrylic dabber over some rather nasty patterned vellum and overstamped with pitch black acrylic dabber

Now, I cant be the only one who buys multi packs and finds half of the pack is not really their style?  This vellum (I am NOT posting a before photo....take it from was nasty!) would have been consigned to a charity bag...but now, its a great background for a new project-genius.  I have NO idea why this never occurred to me before-thanks to Mr TH I broke out of my comfort zone.

 This one was some sticky backed metal contact paper from the hardware store, I dyed it with alcohol inks, overstamped with stayz on and coloured the bird with acrylic paint-again, I would never think to overstamp acrylic colour card (I applied the paint with my gives a lovely flat finish.....and I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to find a brush!!)

Next, Day 2 of the class...understanding distress....

This is the wrinkle free distress (which I have tried before but it never really worked.....NOW I know what I was doing wrong!!)

This is the watercolour technique (didn't have an watercolour paper so have used some heavy card), I quite like this technique, its quick and easy but looks like it took a while (my perfect style!!).

So I have now managed a little sanity time, I cant wait to find out what the next class entails-its all about experimenting and understanding why a product behaves like it does rather than making a set design, card etc...right up my street!

Also, hello to my new follower, my cousins lovely wife, Kristina.  She makes some delicious dyed yarns....its a times like this I wish I could knit properly!

Anyway, best go and clear up the mess that is my craft room....(yeah to watch CSI!)

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Finally a catch up and another UIU

There is no excuse, what can I say?  Work has gotten in the way of blogging and crafting!!  I know the day job allows me to buy stash and pay the mortgage for my craft room, and I really appreciate that I have a job in this day and age.....but seriously.... work is such stress at the moment and I have been working ridiculous hours that there has been no time to craft (let alone blog!).

But, as its Saturday night I thought I would take the time to blog some of the pieces I have made a few weeks ago (before work got crazy).

This is the 3rd page I have made in my journal.  The words say "she was certain she could so she did" and I drew the ladder to represent the constant pushing I do to myself to climb...either the career ladder at work or the constant striving to improve my creativity.

This is made using the the free stamp from Craft Stamper magazine.  I must admit to copying the example from the magazine as it was perfect as it was!  I used some left over wood, old galvanised wire, ribbon, paint and stamped on leftover card....they cost me nothing to make as they are all made from Use It Ups!  Perfect!!

And finally, this is a card I made for my friends birthday earlier this month (and fellow Coven member) I stamped grunge paper with a heart stamp, coloured it with distress inks and cut it out, adding a grunge leaf stalk, a crystal hat pin and a sentiment.....lovely (well I thought so!!).

So, a few makes and hopefully many more to come as I have just signed up to the Tim Holtz online workshop for  the next two weeks (parting with cash means I will not work stupid hours and will allow myself time to craft.....well that's the idea!)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

Li'l pidge x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

366 Challenge

 So, the start of a new month means 3 things:
1. Pay day!  Hurrah!
2. a month closer to the Coven craft fair outing, and,
3. time to post my 366 challenge enteries!

And here they are, this is my completed February journal page.  I really enjoyed completing this page, it was such a busy month what with my birthday treat to london, valentines day and a school reunion, I hardly had time to craft but the 366 challenge allowed me just a minute or two to do a wee little bit of crafting-such a great idea.

And this is my clean page for March (well, already filled in the 1st and 2nd...keener!)

The pages arent really that buckled....they are still a bit damp so hopefully they will flatten out when dry.

If your not sure what the 366 challenge is, check out Kate Cranes here she makes the most amazing art and SO many people (including me) have joined her in this challenge.

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x