Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Woo Hoo....mojo is back!

Hello Peeps,

As I blathered on before, in an effort to not work too late and have some sanity time (that'll be crafting then!) I signed up to Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry class by onelinecardclasses.

Yesterday was Day 1, understanding the differences between dye and pigments etc.  Now, I have crafted for more than 30 years (gulp!!) but I tend to learn visually, so some things just don't sink in, let alone stay in the old grey matter (yes, it is probably an age thing also...or maybe too many ciders whilst locked in the craft room?!), however, by george, this seems to have struck a chord!!  Bloody marvellous!

So, I experimented last night with various mediums and papers....

For example, this is a pearl acrylic dabber over some rather nasty patterned vellum and overstamped with pitch black acrylic dabber

Now, I cant be the only one who buys multi packs and finds half of the pack is not really their style?  This vellum (I am NOT posting a before photo....take it from me...it was nasty!) would have been consigned to a charity bag...but now, its a great background for a new project-genius.  I have NO idea why this never occurred to me before-thanks to Mr TH I broke out of my comfort zone.

 This one was some sticky backed metal contact paper from the hardware store, I dyed it with alcohol inks, overstamped with stayz on and coloured the bird with acrylic paint-again, I would never think to overstamp acrylic colour card (I applied the paint with my fingers....it gives a lovely flat finish.....and I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to find a brush!!)

Next, Day 2 of the class...understanding distress....

This is the wrinkle free distress (which I have tried before but it never really worked.....NOW I know what I was doing wrong!!)

This is the watercolour technique (didn't have an watercolour paper so have used some heavy card), I quite like this technique, its quick and easy but looks like it took a while (my perfect style!!).

So I have now managed a little sanity time, I cant wait to find out what the next class entails-its all about experimenting and understanding why a product behaves like it does rather than making a set design, card etc...right up my street!

Also, hello to my new follower, my cousins lovely wife, Kristina.  She makes some delicious dyed yarns....its a times like this I wish I could knit properly!

Anyway, best go and clear up the mess that is my craft room....(yeah right....off to watch CSI!)

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. It's great your getting some new ideas from the class :) I treated myself to some manilla tags as I craft on a budget they sure do make a difference ;)
    Von x♥x

  2. I like the way you've taken to experimenting with you various supplies. The Brushless water colour stamping turned out great.


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