Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 Happy WOYWW, its actually the 3rd....yep, 3rd Anniversary!!

So for something a bit different, my desk looks the same as last week (nice weather means 2 weeks of no crafting as I have been gardening), and it contains the ATC I have made for the 3rd anniversary swap, so this is my kitchen worktop instead!

I have been trying my hand at bonding manmade fabrics with a soldering iron, these are my first couple of pieces.

This one I used a penny to cut the fabric with the soldering iron and cut various shapes from different fabrics, layering them before 'gluing' them by melting them together.

Now this produces a lot of fumes, so I did this on the hob with the extractor fan turned on and wearing a hubbies face when he came home was a picture!!
So, if you would like to see workdesks from over the world, the amazing phenomenon that is now 3 years old, ruled by the Queen herself, Julia you can find the deets here.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW week 155

Time for our weekly cry of 'I cannot believe it's already Wednesday'...yes it's time for a legal snoop around desks across the globe.  The queen of the blog is the lovely Julia, if you're not sure what I am blathering on about all the deets can be found here

So my desk looks pretty much the same as last weeks.  I made one card and started a couple of tags and that's about it!  The lovely weather means I can FINALLY get out into the garden and start sorting it out, so craft has taken a little bit of a back seat this week.

I'll keep this short as there are TONS of desks to get around (not that I manage more than a quarter of them!).

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Do you remember when

 So, there we were, walking down to get the bus into town when a small child ran out of her house shouting 'Daddy, daddy...I have a letter and its adressed to me!'  We both smiled as we walked past...remembering when, as a small child, the postman delivering a letter addressed for you...felt, like he was delivering them just for you!

Anyway, as we were only a few houses away from ours we checked and the postie had some for us...yep, bills, junk mail......but envelope from the states....could it be?

Yes!!!!!! OK I admit, I ripped it open and found this...

Its only the apron I ordered once I completed my Creative Chemistry 101 course!!!!  Yep, you guessed it...I screamed like the little girl did!!!  Now, as you know I am a messy take a good look at the photo....'cos it wont be white for long!!!

Also, I couldnt resist showing you these:

Some of you may know I belong to a crafting group called 'The Coven'....(named because after a couple of years crafting once a week our hubbies think we just get together like a bunch of old women, chat and plot!!!)   When I visited Cardiff the other weekend they had a lego shop  I had never come across one of these before, and the big pic and mix tubs for the wee people had me going crazy.....I made 7 of these, one for each of us!  Finding enough witches hats was not easy I can tell you...I had to barter with a 7 year for my last one!!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, hubby is playing another gig tonight so its craft, my new apron....and MYmusic playing through the house...happy days!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Wednesday again so that can only mean one thing.....Queen Julia of WOYWW loyal followers all over the globe are poised ready to post our desks in all their full glory!

Julia asks we keep the post short as there are usually close to a couple of hundred desks to visit, so here you can see my desk with male cards in the process of being made ready for Fathers Day.

So, feel free to pop over to Julia's blog (link on the right) and have a legal nose around desks all over the globe!

Happy snooping (I mean crafting!!!)

Li'l Pidge x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

lovely books all ready to be upcycled

Now I know this may be controversial, but I would prefer pre loved books to be given a second life rather than being pulped.  So this weekend I went to some charity shops and Book Barn and bought this little lot.

 A foreign language book, marine mechanical textbook, imperial ready reckoner and a chemistry book....I think these pages will make great backgrounds to cards and altered art.

 I then found some music score including the complete Mikado for 50p!!

But the bargain of the day was this.  Now this cost a bit more (£7-but I think that isnt too bad considering what some craft paper packs cost), its a heavy bound handwritten accounts ledged from the 1960's from a film company, there are some classic pages I have discovered so far, Hammer Horror, Disney....I am going to keep some of these pages but most of them I thought I could use for journals etc.

I am loving these latest finds, a new life to be given to pre loved items!  I'd love to know what pre loved items you have be using....I am always looking for new ideas.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

366 Challenge

Happy weekend everyone, 2 days of sunshine.....woo-hoo!!!!!  What fun.....popped down to the beach and did some journaling then supper in a pub on the way back....I could get used to this!

So, I have finally gotten round to downloading some photos (I am terrible, I used to set the darkroom up in the bathroom and process my photos as soon as I took on digital they sit on my camera for weeks (months in a few cases!!) before I get round to looking at them!.

So, finally downloaded are my latest offerings for Kate Cranes 366 challenge.

This is April's all complete:

and this is May.....I thought I would try lighter colours for a change (pale and ladylike is so NOT like me but I thought I'd give it a try)

Considering this journaling is new to me, I am impressed that this is now month 5!!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Compendium of Curiosities 2 challenge

Over at Studio L3 the challenge is the faded layers technique from Tim's new book.  This week it is the faded layers technique.
I couldn't resist using my honeycomb mask and bee stamp and I used my new dylusions number stamp as for some strange reason I always think that inside a hive I can see the bees buzzing around like numbers.....moving quickly but with purpose.....but with a sting in their tail (yep, I didn't particularly like maths at school....not the numbers fault...I blame it on how the teachers teach it!).  I added some stickles to the wings just to add a bit of bling....well, why not?!

I hope you all have a great evening...I'm off to get inky...

Happy Crafting

Li' Pidge x


So this week on my desk is my new dylusions inks and I have been spraying some tags and my journal...such lovely colours and nice and rich.  I am going to really enjoy playing with these!

Closed at the back is my 366 Calendar journal all ready to fill in the days entry and the beady eyed will spot on the left at the back is a stack of cards....these were £1.50 in a charity shop in Cardiff and are a game where each card is a mock up of a newspaper with a random word on the front, such as 'ladylike', 'drugs' or 'priest'.....I thought I could use them...not sure how yet!

Anyway, if you'd like to snoop around desks all over the globe why don't you pop over to Julia's blog here 

Happy Crafting

Li'l  Pidge x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Distress and flick

Over at The Stampman Challenges this week it is 'Your Favourite Technique', well that's easy....after taking the Creative Chemistry 101 class my favourite is the distress and flick.  So I made a tag using this technique as a background and using the TH stamps I won on his course!!!

Only a quick post as my new Dylusions inks came today so I NEED to play!!!!!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x

Monday, 7 May 2012

A magic Porridge pot

I do hope you are enjoying the May day celebrations.....its a tad wet here so no celebrations, but lots of housework and a little crafting.

Over at simon says their challenge is to use your favourite that is not as easy as it sounds.  I have a favourite to make backgrounds, a favourite saying, favourite get the problem I am facing!!!

So I went with my favourite Stampotique (not easy to get hold of down here in the west country, but the lovely Laura of the Artful Splodger had lots)-its just 'different'.  He just makes me smile.

I mounted him on a tag and used some left over die cut swirls with a typed word....again all these bits and bobs came from my scrap box....still trying use it up (I think its like the Ladybird book I used to read as a child about a porridge pot that kept refilling itself....!)

 Right, bank holiday, raining......Over the Hedge on the to do some ironing!

Li'l Pidge x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A starbucks journal

Are you having a nice bank holiday weekend (well those in England and those not working!!)? Boy it was cold yesterday...May??????Are you joking??????brrrrr....... BUT at least it was dry, so we decided to get the train to Cardiff for a day out.

As usual I took my wee journal and pencil case....sat on the train with a Starbucks (other hot refreshments are available but they had the shortest queue and the train was already in!!) and before I knew it I was picking apart the corrugated cardboard sleeve and cutting stars and hearts out of it!!!

I added some writing to the heart, some black ink smudged around the edge and coloured it with red watercolour pencils then added some charcoal. 

My journal has background pages already prepped so I can journal on the go, I was please how this one turned out considering I was on the train....getting odd looks!!!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Li'l Pidge x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello postie

I had an unscheduled trip to the post office today to pick up a parcel.......woo-hoo my copy of Tim Holtz new book the Compendium of Curiosities II.  I was hoping to buy it a the craft fair at the weekend, but no one was selling it!!!!  I know, I couldn't believe it either, so I  had to order it online (and of course, to make it worth my while for p&p I ordered a couple of other bits and bobs!!).

Now that  I have it I can finally enter the challenge on
They are on Challenge No 3 but this is the first time I could enter as I didn't have the book!!

This is the marbled stain technique (page 46).  Now, I also set myself a challenge to only use items from my scrap box....the box that is always on my desk in which I chuck all the odds and ends.....basically the bits I cannot be bothered to put away properly (yes, I am a slutty crafter, I admit it!).

It is certainly a great way to  use up scraps (I also need to mention that the challenge is sponsored by

So, two postings in one day...I think I need to go and sit down for a bit!!!!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge xx


Hello, I hope you are all well.  Wednesday again, so thanks to the wonderful Julia we all get to have a good ol' gander round some desks all over the world (link is over in the side bar).

So this week on my desk is my 366 challenge journal page in construction.  I figure that the very lucky Kate Crane is over in the USA (with the lovely Kaz) at Ranger U (yep, green with envy.....but SO looking forward to seeing what they post on their blogs) I reckon I could be a couple of days late with my submission!!

Anyhoo, promised Julia we would keep the posts short as their are SO many desks to get round.....pop over to her blog and see all the desks....its always a great peek!

Li'l Pidge x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring is here....well in my craft room at least

Well, that was some serious rain.....thank goodness we had a respite today though more is forecast, I do hope you are all ok.

To feel a bit more spring like (because, remember in the UK it is spring.....seriously!!) I thought I would make a bunting inspired tag which I mounted on a card.

The tag is distressed with DI splatted (technical term!) on a craft mat and mopped up with the tag.  I then stamped some script with white DI and added some more stamping, music score, postage stamp and a stamped bee with glossy accents added (doesn't really show up in the photo).  The flower trim is from the local haberdashery and I dyed it with colour wash to age it a bit. 

I am entering this into the Stamp Man Challenge for their shabby chic challenge which can be found  here.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge