Saturday, 19 May 2012

Do you remember when

 So, there we were, walking down to get the bus into town when a small child ran out of her house shouting 'Daddy, daddy...I have a letter and its adressed to me!'  We both smiled as we walked past...remembering when, as a small child, the postman delivering a letter addressed for you...felt, like he was delivering them just for you!

Anyway, as we were only a few houses away from ours we checked and the postie had some for us...yep, bills, junk mail......but envelope from the states....could it be?

Yes!!!!!! OK I admit, I ripped it open and found this...

Its only the apron I ordered once I completed my Creative Chemistry 101 course!!!!  Yep, you guessed it...I screamed like the little girl did!!!  Now, as you know I am a messy take a good look at the photo....'cos it wont be white for long!!!

Also, I couldnt resist showing you these:

Some of you may know I belong to a crafting group called 'The Coven'....(named because after a couple of years crafting once a week our hubbies think we just get together like a bunch of old women, chat and plot!!!)   When I visited Cardiff the other weekend they had a lego shop  I had never come across one of these before, and the big pic and mix tubs for the wee people had me going crazy.....I made 7 of these, one for each of us!  Finding enough witches hats was not easy I can tell you...I had to barter with a 7 year for my last one!!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, hubby is playing another gig tonight so its craft, my new apron....and MYmusic playing through the house...happy days!

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x



  1. Oooh you lucky girl getting a Timmy apron! You gave me such a laugh about the witches, especially the negotiating bit. You asked a question on my blog about cutting the thread spool. I took my Tim Holtz scissors and cut in small cuts (really easy but the bits fly everywhere) and when the rounded bits were as flat as the middle part of the spool I took some medium weight sandpaper and sanded until the whole side was flat - takes a good few minutes. Hope I have explained it well enough - be careful with the flying bits! Anne x

  2. Anne, many thanks, I had a funny feeling you may have used his scissors! I use mine to cut everything...even his China dolls! Thanks x

  3. I've been to that Lego shop in Cardiff too!! In fact, my son who is a student at the Uni there is trying to get a part time job in the very same shop!! How weird is that? Lol. I love those little witches, just right for a crafty coven :)
    Hugs, LLJ ~57 xx


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