Wednesday, 31 March 2021


Hello peeps, sorry wasn't able to post or visit last week as been chokka with pay the bills job. But, I was determined to take part this week so i took this last night (in the now lighter evenings in the UK- woo hoo, happy days).  I made my April page for the 365 journal challenge and my 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week are 'tourist tricks killer, again!!'  It's the 'again' that makes me wonder!! 

So the desk has some stuff on it, but i thought i would share how it was at the weekend- well I think lockdown 3 in the UK may have gotten to me finally as I decided to clean my craft room!!! I know!! Not just a quick dust but taking stuff off shelves and proper damp dusting!!! Well, once every few years I suppose isn't too bad! This was the during shot

But this was the after and I must admit it does look and smell better!!! 

Then on my dailywalk i spotted this in a bus shelter

It was lovely finding it, mainly as I also abandon art so it was lovely to see someone else does it also.

So, what's on your workdesk Wednesday? 


Wednesday, 17 March 2021


Happy hump day where we share What's on your workdesk Wednesday! Well, this was late last  night, sadly my workdesk is filled with pay the bills jobs so only a small space, but still space for me to finally finish my sketchbook! Yes the final page which means i get to start a new sketchbook!! Hurrah! 

In the final double page spread i sketched some architectural sketches, thought they would be good practice for my urban sketchers meet ups. 

Only a quick update as super busy with pay the bills job, but hope to stop by some desks later in the week.

Happy crafting 



Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Happy hump day so that means sharing our desks with the lovely Julia queen of desks for What's on your workdesk Wednesday. 

To be honest this was taken last night as i had a day off work so could spend some decent time in the room actually crafting and making some cards  


My 'man bites dog' cards makes you wonder what else the 'orange one' has been up to?! 

I thought I would post a photo from the weekend too. For the past year the Bristol Urban sketchers group that i have been a member of for a few years have been doing virtual zoom meetups where we have a pre arranged location and you can sketch and chat on video for a couple of hours. It's lovely seeing places from all over the world (this one was Norwich but the next is Singapore), sketching and just the general 'chat', boy i have missed general chatting! 

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday? 

Happy crafting