Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Hump day again and another Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday and I have STUFF on my desk!!

This is my 365 Journal that I complete in the Kate Crane Challenge which is a monthly journal with just a small square a day, a bit like a wee diary.

I tend to be quite inky so I gesso my pages to help stop bleeding though the pages, here I am prepping pages for 2 months (I tend to do a month on one page).

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Tough Mob Boss Falls for Bling Dog"-aah sweet!

Also, check out this lovely card and WOYWW badge Julia sent me last week!

Fantastic and such a lovely design (I often wear my brightly coloured WOYWW badge from a few years back to craft shows) that I will enjoy wearing this to craft shows this year, thanks Julia it is brilliant.

So why not join us and bare your desk?  
And if you spot me wearing the badge at a show this year please pop over and say hi!

Happy crafting

Monday, 26 February 2018

A matter of still life and death

Here are some more photos following from my recent trip to London.

We went to the Guildhall to visit the "A matter of still life and death exhibition".

There were quite a few pieces but these really stood out for me, the work on these skulls must have taken many hours of skilled labour.

The dark blue bead work on this one was simply stunning, there must have been thousands of beads each individually stitched on.

These were coloured threads that had been wrapped around and almost shimmered.

This piece was clever, it was titled the "green economy" and the artist had hand cut small saplings and plants from Euro notes, keeping them attached so they created shadows across the notes.

In the basement of the Guildhall is a Roman Amphitheater!  You can visit it for free, its quite large and very impressive.  I had NO idea it was there until a friend (waves at Sarah) mentioned it and I am SO pleased we visited as it was really impressive.

This photo does NOT do it justice, there were also scenes made from lighted strips and sounds played to give the impression you were stood in the middle of the theater whilst crowds cheered, a great free piece of our history.


Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Hump day and finally I have had an opportunity to do some crafting.
After my birthday weekend in London time has been tight catching up at home (had plasterers etc in for lounge and hallway) and at work.

So I decided to do some jewelry and hand sewing. Not the easiest things to do with rheumatoid arthritis BUT it's a clean craft and after having plaster and paint for the past couple of weeks I just want clean!

My "man bites dog" cards this week are a bit odd-'devoted wife snubs brave cop'! 
Apologies to those I was not able to return visits to the other week I will try harder this time, honest. 
Happy crafting

Monday, 19 February 2018

Tower Bridge visit

We recently went to London for a few days.
After lots of visits (my brother lived there for years) I am always surprised that we constantly seem to find new things to do, many of them free or really good value. This update is for The Tower Bridge Experience. You do have to pay but it's only £8.70 which considering its iconic status I think is good value for money. 

You get the opportunity to walk across the bridge in glass walkways! It is a very odd sensation and on one of the walkways they even have a mirrored ceiling so you can take selfies easily! There are also some amazing views along the Thames but even the towers inside have some amazing displays like this one where they have figures of the workmen that built and used to maintain the bridge.

 Then there is the opportunity to go down to the engine rooms. Sadly the disabled access lift was out of order but luckily I can still manage stairs (just a bit slower) so I was able to visit (though it did take more time and energy than I expected but worth it). 
 The engine room was fascinating and all in working order. 

So would I recommend it? If you are in London  and not scared of heights then yes, we thoroughly enjoyed it. But if you are in a wheelchair I would recommend checking the lifts (especially the engine rooms one) are working (they have a help line you can call). 


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Use ups

So after clearing out my scraps box I came across some alcohol ink pieces that were TOO pretty to chuck so I decided to make a card.

All these pieces, from the image to the layers and the anchor all came out of my scraps box.

Sometimes I find it just needs my mojo to be in the same room and stick around for long enough to actually make something-pleased with this card.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Hump day and its been a hell of a couple of weeks with one thing or another in our household so very little crafting, however...check this out I did get to tidy the craft room!

I know, not only did I clear and clean the desk (yep, wet wipes and dust.....paint splashes be gone) but....

I tidied up my scrap box placing like with like in A5 pouches and finally binning those wee small pieces of paper that I have been keeping since the last clear out and still not used!

Then I cut some patterned paper (it's not like I don't have enough) and lined all my clear plastic drawers so that they all look a bit more tidy and cohesive.

The things I can do with an impromptu couple of hours off work-who new!