Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Hump day and its been a hell of a couple of weeks with one thing or another in our household so very little crafting, however...check this out I did get to tidy the craft room!

I know, not only did I clear and clean the desk (yep, wet wipes and dust.....paint splashes be gone) but....

I tidied up my scrap box placing like with like in A5 pouches and finally binning those wee small pieces of paper that I have been keeping since the last clear out and still not used!

Then I cut some patterned paper (it's not like I don't have enough) and lined all my clear plastic drawers so that they all look a bit more tidy and cohesive.

The things I can do with an impromptu couple of hours off work-who new!



  1. Hi Kyla, love the tidying job. Those pouches are great for this sort of thing, aren't they? I too have been throwing scraps of paper that realistically, I know I'll never use! Have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  2. wow, what a tidy up - mine has stalled big time here! the boxes for your papers look really organised. Have a good week Helen #3

  3. Oh well done girl. Prolly some much needed energy to spend on something for yourself that required free thinking time. Great result! hope things are going to calm for you soon. X

  4. Looks like you've been having a good tidy up this week. Interesting cards too. Have a great woyww, Angela x17x

  5. Love how you've organised everything Kyla. I must have another go through my exploding bits boxes and do likewise. Thanks for the inspiration. Sarah #20

  6. Oh wow, all organized, tidied up and ready to go... great job!!! Have a great week. Hug from Holland, Marit #26


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