Wednesday, 21 July 2021


 Morning peeps, so on my desk this week are some plant labels.  I bought some thin wooden blanks from a local Farm that is run by the Brandon Trust (brilliant charity working with adults and young people with learning difficulties and autism).  In their farm shop they sell some wooden items they make in their workshops and they were selling 5 wooden labels for £1.50 so I bought a couple packs.

I am using old acrylic paints up and then will use my white posca pen to write the produce eg Beetroot and do a couple coats of yacht varnish (again as I have part used tins to use up).  If I can get a couple years at least out of them I will be very happy.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this weeks are 'Indicted Brave 1st Lady Weds Mob Boss!!!!'  Well, no comment is probably best with that headline!

Hope your not melting too much if your in the UK, the west (where I am) have had the first ever UK Amber Extreme Heat warning!!! Needless to say all the allotment watering etc is being done VERY early before work at the moment when its still not too hot..

Stay cool and feel free to share what's on your workdesks this wednesday

Wednesday, 14 July 2021


 Happy hump day, this was my desk last night. I am on my 2nd batch of drying herbs for winter use. Swiss mint, marjoram, lemon balm and lavender. This time of year the airing cupboard is crammed full of herbs drying, it smells divine when i walk past! 

In case Maryanne was wondering i remembered my 'Man bites dog' cards this week!! 'Actor snubs blonde hero again'! In case your wondering i tend to randomly pick up to 6 cards and don't use them all unless it makes sense! 

Looking at me is a vase of sweetpeas, lavender, lemon balm and mint picked from the garden 

I also recently made another batch of rhubarb and ginger jam, delicious even if i do say so myself!
And this is the allotment at the moment, over 20lb of strawberries picked! Just picked the last of the season and the last broadbeans too.

This is a usual daily harvest at the moment, lettuce, radish, herbs and my first courgette of the season.

So, what's on your workdesk this Wednesday?