Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Hello everyone....its Wednesday again...hump day as some say...but for us its 'What's on your Workdesk Wednesday' and a chance for a legal snoop around desks across the globe. This is all co-ordinated by the lovely Julia over here

So on my work desk this week are some more naked mail art I have made, the post card on the top right of the desk made with dylusion inks and one of my homemade figure stencils.  Fellow WOYWWer, Donna, has encouraged me to have a go at naked art!  So why not (full deets are on the previous post)!!

I also have an ornate doorbell I bought from the 99p store...I am thinking of altering it somehow (and ideas gratefully received)!

Also on my desk are a couple of small metal pots which contain sequins, these are for a felt doll we are each making at our weekly coven meeting.  Hopefully I will have this finished in a few weeks (we only do a couple hrs a week, and a LOT of that is taken up with tea, cake and gossip!  A fabulous stress reliever)!

As to my 'Man Bites Dog' cards.....'Cruel Priest Blames Blonde Model'!!  Well, considering I am in the UK and this week the highest bloke in the catholic church resigned amongst a lot of scandal I think that its an apt saying!!

Happy Crafting

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Naked art!

So, I have finally girded my loins and sent some 'art' in the post naked!!  No envelope...just sent as a postcard!!  Now, I was worried about sending it so I even phoned the Post Office head office and asked if this was ok and whether I need to keep certain areas free of paint (because of automated sorting machines)....their response was 'bemused' to say the least!!

This is my first one, I sent it to America.  Jane Davies is an artist who owns a post office in Rupert, Vermont in the USA.  Now this has to be the prettiest post office I have ever seen, a small beach hut type post office, all painted white with picket fence, so pretty.

However, there is a threat that it may be closed so in an effort to increase the through put of post she asked people to send handmade post cards.....I am not sure she expected quite as many (there are 15 galleries of cards already!!)...see all the details here

I also decided to send one to my Nan (in NZ) who has been poorly since before Christmas to brighten up her day.

Now I am a little hooked on this!!  Fellow WOYWWer, Donna  ( takes part in a European collabor-art project who also have a mail art circle where you post handmade postcards naked too!  Donna has challenged me to join and I am proud to say I have just emailed them asking if I can join in (fingers crossed).

Right, my craft room is calling me (its what Sunday afternoon's were made for!).

 Happy crafting



Sunday, 17 February 2013

A wedding, various Birthdays and soldering!

Afternoon all, I have not been about for a while, work is far too busy and it was my birthday last week so my hubby took me to London for a few days away.  It was lovely (we had about 2 inches of snow!!), I watched a Japanese tea ceremony, Chinese new year in chinatown and spent far too much money and time in the 3 story art shop CASS Art in Inslington (I love it there, the staff are so knowledgeable). When I got home the crafty coven made me a cake and bought LOTS of crafty goodies!!!!  Thanks ladies x

As well as my birthday, last week was also several friends birthdays, my brothers birthday, his wedding (in Ecuador where he lives) and his wife's (ooh that sounds odd, good, but odd!!) birthday too!!!  What a week!

I did at least manage to make my hubby a Valentines card.

As he is in  a band I added some music paper and since it was from me I added some stitching.

I also had a go at making a flashing LED heart for him!!  My solder technique isn't great (my first time!!)...but I think he appreciated the effort that went into it!

Right, as its sunny outside I am off to clear the dead leaves from the guttering round the garage...oh what a glamorous life I lead eh?!

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hello peeps...a rushed post today (pay the bills job busy, blah, blah, blah).  On my desk this week are some letters I am painting green (they spell holiday) ready to stick on an old whisky tin I am turning into a money box (for guess what....yep, our holiday fund).  The money box is costing nothing (using scraps and papers I don't like, odd gems, tissue papers etc) and I am hoping a pretty money box will incentivise me to use it!!!

Also on my desk are a pack of blank postcards (I bought them from Woolies before they closed down....yep, I know that was a while ago...its amazing what you find when you tidy up!!) I am going to try to paint a postcard to send in the post (I know, WITHOUT an envelope!!!!! Gulp...not sure about this!!).

Finally my "Man Bites Dog" cards this week spell out "Cruel Model Slays Thousands"!!!!! (not sure how I feel about that!)  lol!

So, feel free to pop over here to Julias blog and legally snoop on desks around the globe!!  

Happy crafting

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Feb 365 Challenge

Hello, are you having a nice weekend?  Even though I am super busy at the moment, I somehow have managed to surpass myself and have February's 365 calendar page ready!!!  I know, I cannot believe it either!  How smug do I feel?  (believe me it won't last long....!)

So this months pages are coloured with Dylusions, stencilled, stamped and splattered with white distress stain.  I stamped hearts and added oil pastels to colour them, edging them with a black china pencil and some white paint.  I added some pink sequins in one of the hearts for a little subtle bling (what would February be without bling?  The month of Valentines, pancakes and my birthday!!).

I also die cut some hearts from dylusion coloured copier paper and ran them through the sewing machine adding an outline of zig zag stitches and I left the threads dangling for some added texture.

I added some borders to the page with Tim Hotlz sticky tape (I love this stuff) and some heavily glittered letters to spell out Feb (bright red stickles add just the right amount of bling without being too in your face)-perfect for a stylish touch.

This is my second month taking part in Kate Cranes 2012 365 challenge, all the deets can be found on her blog here 

Happy Crafting