Sunday, 17 February 2013

A wedding, various Birthdays and soldering!

Afternoon all, I have not been about for a while, work is far too busy and it was my birthday last week so my hubby took me to London for a few days away.  It was lovely (we had about 2 inches of snow!!), I watched a Japanese tea ceremony, Chinese new year in chinatown and spent far too much money and time in the 3 story art shop CASS Art in Inslington (I love it there, the staff are so knowledgeable). When I got home the crafty coven made me a cake and bought LOTS of crafty goodies!!!!  Thanks ladies x

As well as my birthday, last week was also several friends birthdays, my brothers birthday, his wedding (in Ecuador where he lives) and his wife's (ooh that sounds odd, good, but odd!!) birthday too!!!  What a week!

I did at least manage to make my hubby a Valentines card.

As he is in  a band I added some music paper and since it was from me I added some stitching.

I also had a go at making a flashing LED heart for him!!  My solder technique isn't great (my first time!!)...but I think he appreciated the effort that went into it!

Right, as its sunny outside I am off to clear the dead leaves from the guttering round the garage...oh what a glamorous life I lead eh?!

Happy Crafting



  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful birthday trip. Love your card and soldered heart,

    Lucy x

  2. As my back is moaning at me this morning for all the garden clearing i did yesterday, i like to think that we are sisters in glamour!! Sounds like your birthday week was just fab, and i love the valentine....stitch and music..that was a clue, huh!

  3. What a perfect trip for a crafter's birthday! Lucky you. I would have loved that! I bet you bought allsorts in Chinatown and CASS!
    Your card is excellent but your LED heart is simply amazing. Quite ingenious!.
    Thanks for your comment and it seems you found what I was looking for in Ireland! It also amazed me that on little narrow, winding, bumpy roads the speed limit sign would say 100 km an hour!!
    Love Jo x

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a good one and great card!

  5. blimey, that's PROPER soldering, I'm hugely impressed! all I've done is soldered jump rings to stuff for jewellery.....


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