Saturday, 15 June 2019

Free art update

 Only just realised that whilst I posted these on my social media sites I had forgotten to update my blog-so here is a catch up.

I love taking part in Free Art Friday and Art Abandonment as well as Bristol Rocks and Sidmouth Smilestones.  Basically make art and leave it for someone to find, easy.

This was a small watercolour I sketched whilst at a hospital appointment recently.  You sit there, often for a couple hours so I tend to sketch as it keeps me off my phone and my mind occupied.  I then usually leave the sketches (unless they are my urban sketches which tend to be in a proper sketchbook) for someone to find, pass on or leave for someone else.

I also tend to have some posca pens and a small clear nail varnish with me in my small travel kit.  These come in really handy if I spot any pebbles/rocks that I can draw on and  leave for others to find.  The nail varnish providing a clear protective lacquer. 


I never really know what I am going to draw, it depends on the shape of the stone but I tend to have half a dozen "go to" designs that tend to work on various shapes.

I usually leave contact details of the groups mentioned above (usually via Facebook/groups) and people can register a find online and also post a picture if they then move the stones to a new location and abandon them for another to find.

I think it is a lovely idea and a great way to spread a smile.

Do you do anything like this, I would love to hear what you do


Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Happy hump day so that means another "What's on your workdesk Wednesday" no desk from me again BUT I can show you some more fabulous ATC's I got for the 10th Anniversary (SO looking forward to seeing more photos of the crop from the weekend).

The top row is a fabulous lavender bag (smells lovely and the fabric is SO gorgeous) and ATC from Elizabeth (aka Silver Scrapper) and on the bottom left is one from the fabulous Helen (aka Stamping by H) and on the right from the 'enabler' herself, the lovely Shaz (aka Shazsilverwolf)

Thanks ladies it is so lovely to receive post that are not bills, junk mail or voting papers!