Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What have a barrister and a pirate got in common?

The answer to the question? Well, they are both cards I have made recently!

This is a stamped image which I coloured with pro-markers, distressed and inked the backing paper (which is plain cream card, stamped with YO HO HO and a map stamp) with some craftworks card candy in the corners and some ribbon wrapped around.

I must admit, I quite like him...

This is a card I was asked to make for a lady whose son has just become a barrister, again I am using my favourite courdory distress ink and card candy in the corners again.

Then finally, a moving home card. The key and padlock are made from friendly plastic melted and pressed into a mould,the bird cage is layered and slightly domed to give the effect of depth and patterened background paper is over stamped with the word Home and some trailing leaves.

Best get back to crafting,
li'l pidge x

What else now?!

Sorry, but I have not been in the right frame of mind to blog recently, after a reasonably wet weeks holiday after all those lovely hot and sunny weeks we had I thought my luck must be up for a change of direction.

Oh how wrong I was!
lady luck is a fickle mare and seems to be in a bit of a hissy fit with me at the moment! Driving home from work, I noticed smoke coming out of my boot!!! I had to look twice as I couldn't believe what was happening, actual smoke from the boot of the car! Now, I don't smoke, so I quickly pulled over, fearful that my craft bag may be in the boot still!!! But it was ok, it was only work stuff! Phew!

Well, finally I have the car back and its as good as new (easily fixed, but something I could really do without!), so I took a days leave and spent the day crafting!

A day spent applying gesso to MDF coaster blanks, altering stuff, inking (boy, how do you get distress ink off your fingers-they're great products, but good god they stain!), filing down brass watch parts (more of that later) and playing with hot glue guns-finally it feels like I am a bit more human again!!

So, remember those brass parts I was filing down? Well, the microscope slide necklaces that I have been making are now stocked in a art/craft gallery, so fingers crossed that the discerning public realise style and individuality when they see them!

I still have to download the photos of them, but as soon as I have I'll post them on here for you all to see.

Now, after my day crafting I have LOTS of UFO's (unFinished objects), so I'd best get on and finish some of them!!

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge x