Sunday, 29 November 2020

Bristol urban sketchers

 Just a quick update. In these strange times when travel is restricted and meeting up off the cards the amazing Bristol Urban Sketchers (who i have been a member of for a few years now) have done virtual meet ups and sketches. We all chat on video call whilst sketching an agreed location (got to love google street view its almost like you are walking around). 

This time it was Kathmandu!! 

The meet up is a couple hrs just as our regular meet ups were and although my sketches are very amateur (albeit better than when i joined a few years ago as you learn so much from the others) the talented group never let you feel disappointed and are so supportive (their sketches are amazing and such a mix of styles too, i love it)  

However my wee desk looks like a bombs hit it!!! Remember that when you pop back for wednesdays 600th WOYWW anniversary-there is sometimes arty stuff on my desk!!! 

Hope you are all having a fab weekend


Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Happy hump day so that means sharing our desks with the lovely julia as Queen of the desks (for almost 600 times. I haven't been since  the start but certainly from early on, and through her blog I have made and met some great friends). 

So what's  on your workdesk Wednesday? Well, finally after seeing so many of your desks with the C word makes I thought I would make some cards. 

For the past few years I make Christmas cards in January and put away so that I know come November I don't need to panic too much as I have a stash already. 

 So looking through my pre cut stash in my craft room whilst on annual leave last week I came across some Christmas die cuts from previous crops and decided this was a great opportunity to make a dent in the stash and use some of the small card blanks that I also found at the back of the card blank box! 

I thought it would be safe to use the 'Man bites dog' headline cards again-maybe  not!! This is the order they were drawn in but any order isn't the best headline considering!! 

So, dare you bare your desk? Clean, tidy, creative or full of new stash (looking at Shaz Silverwolf and Helen as the long standing enablers!!) feel free to share via Julia's blog (link on the right hand). 

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 18 November 2020


 Hump day so that means sharing our desks with the queen of desks the lovely Julia (nearly at the 600th one!!!) 

My desk this week- well, wet and a day off so seemed like a good idea to plan the crop rotation for the allotment. It starts in the early winter for me as i plant garlic and onions before christmas so need to ensure they are rotated. Not sure how far i will get before i loose the will, but its a start! 

No Man Bites Dog cards again this week, i can't trust them with everything that is going on at the moment!! Too likely to get an actual bizarre headline! 

So, what's on your workdesk this wednesday? 

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 11 November 2020


 Hello people, bit of a cheat today as no desk today as full of pay the bills job stuff again BUT thought i would share my finally finished Inktober and Disctober tags for the month of October 

Some days i was able to combine both the Inktober and Disctober prompts into one picture, but some days it was just too hard so i used different sides of the tags. 

I now have 4 years of tags complete and hanging up by my desk for inspiration (been doing it longer but a couple years i abandoned them as free art each day so don't have a record of them). 

Hope you are all ok in the very bizarre week many of us have bee  experiencing and at least we have the regularity of WOYWW and the semblance of normality that means! 

Stay safe


Wednesday, 4 November 2020


 Hello peeps, going to start with an apology, really sorry but i haven't been able to do any return visits to blogs this week as not had much time, but managed a quick half hr at my desk last night in a desperate attempt to catch up with Inktober (nearly caught up) so thought i would schedule the post as lots of meetings etc tomorrow so may forget!! 

Best of luck to all my friends in the states and also to everyone about to enter lockdown2, stay safe people.