Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello peeps...a bit of a cheat this week as I am posting my desk from Saturdays WOYWW crop...that way more people may feel as though they were there (or at least channeling the joy that the day brought!).

So, after spending more than 1.5 hrs trying to unpack....I get SO easily sidetracked and spent most of that time chatting and drinking tea I finally managed to set my desk up

Those that know me know that I am not the cleanest in the world so I made sure I took a plastic sheet to protect the village hall table! I decided that I would start next months 365 journal pages hence all the dylusion sprays.

It was a great day, meeting old and new virtual friends with lots of tea, cake and a fabulous lunch and raffle!  I won a a prize in the raffle this year!  A mahoosive tape runner and Sam (Hettie Craft) had to show me how to set it up!  There was a freebie table and a sale table and Lunch Lady Jan had some wonderful bags for sale too.

I sat next to fellow inky crafter Shaz Silverwolf (I was terrified I would spray ink over someones nice clean crafting so was SO relieved when I spotted Shaz!).  She had SO many great ideas and stamps....I ended up taking photos of her ideas to replicate!!!  I will definitely be trying out her homemade silicon moulding made some great moulds for a fraction of the price.

Then there was MaryAnne...seriously that lady puts my experimenting to shame!  I have been playing with thermo plastic and using it in moulds and trying paints etc to colour it....MaryAnne has been putting it through embossing folders in the sizzix!!!!

These ladies have made my "to do" craft list twice as long!  That is the best part of the crop for me, the catching up and seeing peoples work (Helen's journal was a lush in real life, Di's wedding bouquet we  helped to make at the last crop looked stunning and Sam's travel journal she was making from scratch was stunning....far too many lovely projects I saw in the flesh to mention).

These are the ATC's from the day (as well as a lavender bag from LLJ).
From top left to right: Debbie (tattered Rocks)-I have not met Debbie before and was really blown away by her tag and also the crafting she made on the very talented lady.  Maggie, Cindy, PearshapedChris, the lovely Julia.
Middle row:Cardarion, MaryAnne, Robyn, Janet Fairythoughts
Bottom row: Helen, Zoe (check out her fabulous colouring) Shaz, Elizabeth and Bluebird and Sam (Hettie Craft) .

It was lovely meeting you all on the day and I look forward to the next one!

Happy crafting


Monday, 26 May 2014

How to spend a free day!

Happy Bank Holiday for you folks in England...and a day off for me, bliss!

I took a picnic to the park and sat by a water feature and spent the afternoon painting and reading, chilly but not at work so that is all that matters!

I thought I would share with you my latest finished journal page, not what I painted today as they are half finished and still wet!

Nice and simple and I chose to keep lots of free space in the middle as I have noticed I tend to over fill the pages sometimes!!

Lots of catching up from Saturdays WOYWW meet up, but I will save that Wednesdays post...ooh, such a tease!

Right, SpringWatch has just started on BBC so I best settle down to watch it...reminds me that summer is just around the corner!

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Well I am really excited as the crop is nearly upon us.  I look forward to meeting up with friends old and new-it is always a fabulous day.

On my desk this week are leaflets from my weekends art event (see my previous post for some details) and some wallpaper samples (NY taxi/street scene and an old world map!). On the left back is a paper bag with some sweeties!  I tend to eat fizzy sugar free ones (I kid myself these are better for me!!) and keep them in a small jar decorated with handmade roses...but I bought too many to fit so I need to eat a few so they fit in the jar!!

 This weeks "Man Bites Dog" cards are 'Cruel Heiress Weeps for Tough Blonde'!

On my desk last week was some bits and bobs I was stamping to make a card, this is what I chose to do.  Plain and simple.

So why not join us for a legal snoop at desks from across the globe, we are a friendly bunch, some of us are tidy and some (like me) are not!  Either way, you usually learn something be it a new storage tip or a craft idea so what have you got to loose?

Happy crafting

Monday, 19 May 2014

A knitted city

 Hello peeps, well those of us in southern Britain had the first sunny and warm weekend of the year, and it was an absolute belter!

This was a week of comedy for me.  Tuesday saw my and my hubby go with friends to see the American comedian Rich Hall live-he was brilliant.  One set was stand-up and the other was comedy songs with his blues/country band.

This was followed on Saturday with a trip to Colston Hall for me, hubby and my mum to see "I'm Sorry I haven't a clue"-this is a comedy veteran of BBC Radio 4 and live was brilliant-they even put a kazoo on each seat so that the audience could join in with one of the music rounds!!

We finished the weekend with a trip to SAB - Southbank Arts Bristol.  This is a weekend of homes and businesses opening up and selling art and craft direct to the public.  Its not the London Southbank, but Bristol Southbank which is the areas along the south of the River Avon (Southville and Bedminster mainly).

There were SO many fabulous arts and crafts for sale from peoples gardens, front rooms and church/school halls but the key feature was the knitted city of Bristol on display at PaperVillage (a local craft shop). 

People all over the city have knitted, crotched or needle felted landmarks of Bristol. They included hot air balloons as Bristol is home to Cameron Balloons and the Balloon fiesta.

Many of the multi coloured houses and red bricked buildings were depicted (these buildings are in the titles of programmes such as Antiques Roadshow that are made in Bristol so you may recognise a few).

It was great to see and it is still a work in progress with it being due to be on display at the M Shed (the local Bristol industrial museum) later in the year.

I look forward to seeing how much bigger it gets over the months!

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello peeps, well it's Wednesday again and its nearly the anniversary and crop/meet up/gossip fest/stuff your face with LLJ fabulous food your name on the list?  I look forward to meeting up with friends old and new and hopefully you too.

So, keeping it short and sweet (as Julia likes it) on my workdesk this week:

Lots of snippets from my scrap box...I may even have  a card actually finished soon to enter into the snippets playground!  Also on my desk is my new pattern tracing wheel (99p at fabric land) that I plan on using to mark out where to make holes for some leather I am planning on playing with-I have no idea how to make the holes, I was thinking the dremel may be quicker than an awl...has anyone done any leather work before that can advise?

The stamp of the dandelion clock also has the phrase "Some see a weed some see a wish"" that I will also eventually make into a card!

My ATC's are hiding behind my glue bottle, can you see them?  I have already sent one to the lovely Elizabeth and Bluebeard and plan on taking the others to the crop.  If you would like one too please drop me a line so I can reserve one from the pack.

"Man Bites Dog" cards this week..."Mayor Sues Hero Priest"...ooh, we have a Mayor, I will be watching the local news with interest this week!

So please join us with a legal snoop at desks across the globe.

Happy Crafting


Thursday, 8 May 2014

List, lists and more lists!

Hello peeps, are you well? At the start of the year I decided rather than make a new years resolution (which I would then fret about breaking, lets face it there is enough stress in our lives without adding to it!) I would choose a word to represent my year...and that word was "Balance".

Well, 5 months in and its not going too great!  I know that with Rheumatoid Arthritis I need to pace, plan and prioritise-now the strange thing is that at work for 5 days a week I can do this with regard to my work but as soon as I factor in my RA and planning for that-well, I have to hang my head in shame as I am rubbish!!

So after an intense few weeks hubby and I decided to have a few weekends away from the hustle and bustle and I went off line from the net for a bit to recharge!

Well work is still busy and will be for a few weeks yet, but slowly I am trying new things out to see if I can crack this "Balance" thing!  So with lists for work, rest and play (at this rate I will end up with a list for making lists!!) I decided to make a little time to make some more cards, not something I have made much time for.

This was the result-cards made in a caravan on a very wet and windy day!

Using only the few bits and bobs I took with me (and a few sheets of pre stamped random images and quotes).

 For this card the retro radios were from a magazine-so recycling too boot!

 Right, I may not have made WOYWW but at least I have updated my that is at least one thing I can strike off my to do list!!

Happy crafting