Thursday, 8 May 2014

List, lists and more lists!

Hello peeps, are you well? At the start of the year I decided rather than make a new years resolution (which I would then fret about breaking, lets face it there is enough stress in our lives without adding to it!) I would choose a word to represent my year...and that word was "Balance".

Well, 5 months in and its not going too great!  I know that with Rheumatoid Arthritis I need to pace, plan and prioritise-now the strange thing is that at work for 5 days a week I can do this with regard to my work but as soon as I factor in my RA and planning for that-well, I have to hang my head in shame as I am rubbish!!

So after an intense few weeks hubby and I decided to have a few weekends away from the hustle and bustle and I went off line from the net for a bit to recharge!

Well work is still busy and will be for a few weeks yet, but slowly I am trying new things out to see if I can crack this "Balance" thing!  So with lists for work, rest and play (at this rate I will end up with a list for making lists!!) I decided to make a little time to make some more cards, not something I have made much time for.

This was the result-cards made in a caravan on a very wet and windy day!

Using only the few bits and bobs I took with me (and a few sheets of pre stamped random images and quotes).

 For this card the retro radios were from a magazine-so recycling too boot!

 Right, I may not have made WOYWW but at least I have updated my that is at least one thing I can strike off my to do list!!

Happy crafting



  1. I missed you for WOYWW, so came looking for you. I used to make lists, too. One day I made a list and realized at the top was "Make Today's List." That's when I knew I had to stop the madness!

    I can relate to your arthritis. I was born with a rare form, a birth defect that has the same symptoms, but not the same relief from this disorder. I like both your cards, and got a laugh out of the first one. The second one was awesome, because I'm big on recycling.

  2. I am terrible for lists too. All round the house. But you are not alone at going "off line" as I have cut down considerably and even been having "puter free" evenings too which is unlike me.
    Love that first card...haa haa!
    You going to the Crop?


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