Monday, 19 May 2014

A knitted city

 Hello peeps, well those of us in southern Britain had the first sunny and warm weekend of the year, and it was an absolute belter!

This was a week of comedy for me.  Tuesday saw my and my hubby go with friends to see the American comedian Rich Hall live-he was brilliant.  One set was stand-up and the other was comedy songs with his blues/country band.

This was followed on Saturday with a trip to Colston Hall for me, hubby and my mum to see "I'm Sorry I haven't a clue"-this is a comedy veteran of BBC Radio 4 and live was brilliant-they even put a kazoo on each seat so that the audience could join in with one of the music rounds!!

We finished the weekend with a trip to SAB - Southbank Arts Bristol.  This is a weekend of homes and businesses opening up and selling art and craft direct to the public.  Its not the London Southbank, but Bristol Southbank which is the areas along the south of the River Avon (Southville and Bedminster mainly).

There were SO many fabulous arts and crafts for sale from peoples gardens, front rooms and church/school halls but the key feature was the knitted city of Bristol on display at PaperVillage (a local craft shop). 

People all over the city have knitted, crotched or needle felted landmarks of Bristol. They included hot air balloons as Bristol is home to Cameron Balloons and the Balloon fiesta.

Many of the multi coloured houses and red bricked buildings were depicted (these buildings are in the titles of programmes such as Antiques Roadshow that are made in Bristol so you may recognise a few).

It was great to see and it is still a work in progress with it being due to be on display at the M Shed (the local Bristol industrial museum) later in the year.

I look forward to seeing how much bigger it gets over the months!

Happy crafting


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  1. Love these knitted landmarks. Fabulous.


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