Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Hello peeps, another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  After last weeks 12th Anniversary I have posted my ATCs out so I wont share them here until I know the recipients have them.

On my desk this week is the next page of my 365 Challenge Journal in an attempt to get it made BEFORE the 1st!!  Well, at least I have made the background so that's a win!

My "Man Bites Cards" this week are 'Singer Weds Model Hubby' - a much nicer headline this week!  Also, I note that the lovely Mary Anne has also found her MBD so maybe we could do a combined headline one week?!!

So, What's on your Workdesk this Wednesday?


Wednesday, 19 May 2021


Happy 12th What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday anniversary!  I bet 12 years ago the lovely Queen of Desks Julia did NOT realise what she created!!  After stalking for a while I decided to start a blog and join in, that was about 10 years ago, and I am SO pleased I did, over the years I have made some fantastic friends virtually and also meeting up in the physical world, brilliant.

This is what I had on my desk in readiness, I have actually made some ATC's!!  

 Now, I admit I havent made loads, I only made 4 so I have one for the official swap and 3 others that I plan to send on, I'll be honest, the pay the bills job has been full on the past 12 months so not much personal time to craft but chuffed I made these in time!!  (small wins still totally count!).

So, raising a cuppa and a biccie to the lovely Julia our Queen, Jan our long standing deputy and in honour to our chief enabler and in memory to Shaz.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, its been an amazing 12 years and here is to many more.


Wednesday, 12 May 2021


Morning peeps, only a quick one today as scheduled this last night as back to back meetings again.  On my desk this week i decided to attack my scrap box and make some cards. My 'man bites dog' cards this week are odd!! 

Just a quick update also on my homemade produce, finally got round to filtering my elderberry brandy which has been steeping since October! Needless to say the old brandy bottles (i decanted them into prettier bottles) filled my recycling bin, goodness knows what they thought when the bins were collected Monday!!!

So, what's on your workdesk Wednesday?

Happy crafting 


Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 Happy What's on your workdesk Wednesday, this week is slightly different as I have mostly been preserving, the season is well and truly under way!  I am chuffed that at the start of the season I already have a box ready.

So far I have made wild garlic salt, dehydrated wild garlic and several batches of Dandelion honey.

But what I do like is when the house starts smelling of vinegar!!  That means chutney season has started and this is my first double batch of rhubarb chutney.  I try to make enough jam, chutney, dried herbs etc that will last me the year.  I don't like spending money on things I know I can make myself for a lot cheaper!

I also have some crafting on my desk but need to keep that under wraps for next weeks WOYWW anniversary!



Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Bristol Urban Sketchers

Just a quick update, at the weekend the Bristol Urban sketchers had another virtual meet up (they had a couple of physical max 6 per group, socially distanced ones too but I havent been able to attend yet).

The virtual ones over the past 13 months or so have been brilliant, we chat on video, sketch, chat more then show and tell.  It has meant we have been able to visit some amazing places from singapore to wales!  This week it was Amsterdam, I havent been there for a few years so it was lovely exploring it on street view and having a good nose around!

 The fact that every building had 3 sets of windows in EVERY building, I am not going to lie started to do my head in after an hour but I stuck with it.  I havent painted reflections before so that was a new thing and something I am going to practise and look up some hints and tips on.

The skillset of the Bristol group is amazing and I learn so much from them and they are always polite and encouraging, which is lovely, fingers crossed I can do an actual meet up soon.