Sunday, 26 July 2009

A few days away, lots of galleries and in print!

After the UK had wet weather predicted for our weeks summer holiday (bleeding typical) we decided to head for the capital and enjoy a few days in London seeing the galleries and museums (if your going to be indoors because of the weather you might as well get a bit of culture). So after a bit of research on Trip Advisor we booked a B&B and headed off. What a great find, the B&B was spotless, friendly staff and a great breakfast (so much so, we changed our original plans and stayed on longer than we first anticipated!). We saw the Chapman Brothers exhibition (they guys that depicted Hell that sadly was burnt when the Satchii colelction went up in smoke a few years ago) at the Tate, the new Telling tales at the V&A (the cross-over between art and craft) and saw Mick Jones' new band (him who used to be in the Clash) supporting Billy Bragg at a local pub. They were supporting his charity where Billy raises funds for instruments/musical tuition in prison (called JailGuitarDoors). What a great few days! (and I found a few bead shops along the way!).

So, returned and refreshed (apart from sick hubby, not swine flu I am pleased to say, but a rotten headcold) I pounced into the craft room with renewed vigor...This is a background I made, by applying distressed inks all over then spraying with a gold mica powder mixed with water, it gives a lovely sheen. I then used this as a basis to create this card:

I am loving these new inchie stamps by inkadoo, they are so cute. I even used them to make this necklace by stamping over a coloured background, layering it into a heavy metal pendant blank, using 3D Gel by Judikins to add a resin effect, with some glitter and mico beads. It takes about a week to make, layering it overtime and waiting for the resin to set (it gets harder over time, so its worth putting it to one side for a couple of days, before adding ther final layer).
Then I embarked on a massive card making session, using some of the fabulous holographic card I bought
Then a couple of golden wedding cards:

and some more general cards:
Then I decided to 'alter' a jigsaw piece, double embossing and attaching it to the front of a blue/white pearlescent card:
Then, just for change I decided to make a small felt stuffed heart brooch:

and a brooch made from a large button I bought in Liberty (wow, that shop has the most amazing haberdashery department, with all the lovely Amy Butler fabrics.

Then, finally I have had a chance to do a couple more scrap pages:

I bought Crafts Beautiful magazine agains this month, and there are some more great paper toppers (always great value for money), so I made this soccer card. I also noticed that my Secret Garden card I made a few weeks ago with the Peter Rabbit toppers was pulished in this months magazine, wow! I'm in print, so a big thank-you to the CB team for publishing my picture!

Off to craft, so happy crafting,

Li'l Pidge

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Inspired, but thwarted!

Inspired by last weeks make, I went to John Lewis (what a great fabric department) and bought some Amy Butler fabric. This morning, I set up the table, sewing machine and bits and bobs ready to make another skirt.

But, totally forgot I needed to pre-wash the fabric so it doesnt shrink after spending many hours making it! Boo! So, have just washed it, so cant really make it today, so off to finish a few more UFO's that I have hanging around.

Have fun and happy crafting
Li'l Pidge

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A story of the struggle between bird and machine

As some of you know, the 'sewing machine killer' aka me doesnt have a particularly great relationship with these machines from hell. That was, until I paid a bit more and bought a 2nd hand Jamone XC 33 and now, slowly, I am gaining a bit more respect for them! So, having bought the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt pattern I thought I would give it a go.

So, I laid out all the bit on the table (o dear, I seen to have now spread to the dining room with my stash!!)Cut and pinned the pattern, then made my first cut-no going back now!
Now it was time to tackle my first zip. I read the machines instructions, changed to the zipper foot, lined it all! Oh b*gger, forgot to change the stitch so down came the needle and promptly snapped in two! Luckily, the machine came with a couple of spares (I think I will need a few of these!) so, back out with the instruction book on how to change the needle, then, 2nd time around-hurrah! Not,perfect, but I am well chuffed, my first ever zip.
Now, it was fast becoming a long day and I was seriously considering not doing a lining, especially the muslin lining as it wasnt cutting even and was a bit of a mare all round, but then I thought, I had come this far so best push on...Then, as the sun was over the yard arm, I finally finish! Hurrah, my very own proper, shaped skirt.I also managed to complete another UFO, my first knitted hat (displayed on my up-turned scrumpy flagon!)
And a few more cards, including a commission for twin girls.
The card on the left used a few more of the Crafts Beautiful Beatrix Potter toppers, which is not my usualy style, but they bring back so many memories of my childhood that I am loving using them.

Well, I am off to look at my lovely new skirt again, which including the pattern, thread etc only cost £20, so when I make the next one, it will be cheaper as I already have the pattern!

Have fun playing outside before the drudgery of Monday is on us all too quick!

Li'l Pidge