Sunday, 5 July 2009

A story of the struggle between bird and machine

As some of you know, the 'sewing machine killer' aka me doesnt have a particularly great relationship with these machines from hell. That was, until I paid a bit more and bought a 2nd hand Jamone XC 33 and now, slowly, I am gaining a bit more respect for them! So, having bought the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt pattern I thought I would give it a go.

So, I laid out all the bit on the table (o dear, I seen to have now spread to the dining room with my stash!!)Cut and pinned the pattern, then made my first cut-no going back now!
Now it was time to tackle my first zip. I read the machines instructions, changed to the zipper foot, lined it all! Oh b*gger, forgot to change the stitch so down came the needle and promptly snapped in two! Luckily, the machine came with a couple of spares (I think I will need a few of these!) so, back out with the instruction book on how to change the needle, then, 2nd time around-hurrah! Not,perfect, but I am well chuffed, my first ever zip.
Now, it was fast becoming a long day and I was seriously considering not doing a lining, especially the muslin lining as it wasnt cutting even and was a bit of a mare all round, but then I thought, I had come this far so best push on...Then, as the sun was over the yard arm, I finally finish! Hurrah, my very own proper, shaped skirt.I also managed to complete another UFO, my first knitted hat (displayed on my up-turned scrumpy flagon!)
And a few more cards, including a commission for twin girls.
The card on the left used a few more of the Crafts Beautiful Beatrix Potter toppers, which is not my usualy style, but they bring back so many memories of my childhood that I am loving using them.

Well, I am off to look at my lovely new skirt again, which including the pattern, thread etc only cost £20, so when I make the next one, it will be cheaper as I already have the pattern!

Have fun playing outside before the drudgery of Monday is on us all too quick!

Li'l Pidge

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