Tuesday, 30 June 2009

UFO's galore

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No - it's a UFO! An Un Finished Object!

Having cleaned up the craft room (or 'the tip' as we have started referring to it!) I discovered many UFO's, so I decided to finish some off.

This is one of the vast collection of Christmas choccy tins that friends collected for me way back in January!!I had already sprayed it white and decided to stick black and white patterened paper around the tin, adding ribbon around the rim and a piece of embossed card on the lid. The idea is that I can use it as posh and useable wrapping for birthday cakes or cookies that I intend to make at some point (another UFO?). Now, only 6 other tins to decorate!!

Next, I have had some paper roses for a couple of months and haven't used them for anything, so I decided to make a romatic styled card using torn vellum, card and some gold threaded purple fibre paper.I also bought some wired ribbon, so made this corsage and box-I have no idea what to do with it, I may try to sell it for charity, its really pretty and I think it would look great also on a bag or at the waist on a prom dress
Next up, some beads I bought with the sole purpose of making some ear-rings as a gift for my nan who lives in New Zealand (I don't think she is online often, so am probably safe putting a picture on here-but Nan, if you are, you go girl-silver surfers rule!)Then next up, a re-purposed hardwood pencil box I bought to put a necklace and earing set in. I lined it with velevt paper and made the necklace with a large glass pendant strung with leather cording and organza ribbon. The ear-rings are a new thing, as I haven't tried hooped ones before, but I am please with the results, so will definately try these again.And finally, a piece for me. The pendant I bought at a craft show, collaged a butterfly, glitter and micro beads and covered it with Judikins 3D gel. Expensive (much more than diamond glaze) but a great result. I wouldlove to have a go at resin pieces, but too many H&S issues etc, so this is the next best thing for me. Now I need to scour the net for some more pendants I can mount things in!
Also, I noticed (blushing) that on the latest Crafts Beautiful e-newsletter they kindly chose my secret garden/peter rabbit card for one of the members projects! Wow, how nice, thats 2 items now on the e-newsletter and one actually in print! Such a buzz-thanks.

Well, thats it for now, happy crafting

Li'l Pidge

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