Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Platered of a different kind

So much for blogging regular-the last 5 weeks or so have been totally crazy. The house has been turned upside down as we have had walls and ceilings plastered and painted-it looks great now, but packing the entire ground floor of the house and moving into just our bedroom (meaning NO craft room for all that time-I cant tell you how patient my OH has been, I have been a 'mare not being able to craft-serious withdrawl) and the dust! Oh, the dust! Never in my life did I ever think I would see a day when I wanted, nay, looked foreward to dusting the house and cleaning!! But I am ok now, and that dark time of my life (when I wanted to clean and not be able to craft) has passed and the general dishevelled chaos of my home life has been restored! Hurrah!!

So, whats been happening in the 'Lil Pidge nest? Well, apart from all the plastering, painting and general hell of it all-we bought a couple of folding bikes!! Easier to store and can be chucked in the back of the car-its been great, we have been slowly getting out each week whizzing around the cycle lanes of the south west, we even cycled to our closest town at the weekend to get the shopping and cycled back with our rucksacks bulging-only 7 miles but its a start (the old wings are getting tired so a bike sounded easier).

And finally a bit of crafting (but nowhere near as much as I would have liked). I managed to use some the new stamps I bought from the 3D Jean website for a girlfriends birthday card this week
I used the rollagraph hibiscus stamp to create the background and hand coloured and glittered the 50's pip-up adding a little animal print ribbon and a polka dot brad.

Next up, a few Fathers day cards. Once again I have made my own backing paper by randomly colouring a piece of paper with a Distressed Ink Pad in tea dye then over spraying with an ink mist in diet cola colour, spraying over a cheap (£2) ASDA necklace of a fob watch. I then stamped a deckled edged piece horizontally with a script stamp and distressed the edges, adding a stamped clock face which I glazed.

All of this is mounted with eyelets onto a piece of textured wallpaper!.

The card at the front also has textured wallpaper-the black is fake stitched leather wallpaper, with an embossed piece of contrasting card, a ribbon and a holographic peeloff shirt mounted onto acetate and folded in a way to give depth to the card.

Finally, I made a baby girl card for an order at work, hopefully it will fit the bill.

and that is about it for now. Hopefully I will be able to get lots more crafting done over the coming weeks

Happy crafting

Lil Pidge


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