Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Greetings deskers!  Wednesday again, no desk from me as I have been in the middle of a field with little or no signal/access for a few days BUT when I returned home I had a fabulous gift from Lunch Lady Jan (LLJ)

I was SO lucky to be the recipient of LLJ pass it forward ATC for the 10th Anniversary of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Not only an beautiful ATC and gift card but a fabulous handmade mini poppered pocket (try saying that after a glass or two!) perfect for storing plasters and meds in my handbag (lets be honest the bottom of my bag is a dumping ground so this is SO perfect for me).  

I was lucky a few years back to go round to Jan's and spend time with her teaching me how to make a fabric handbag, she is such a great teacher that I still have that bag and have made MANY more since then for presents.

Thanks Jan, I love it.

Happy crafting

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Japanese inspired card

I am trying to use up my stash as I have amassed far too much over the years.  

This card is made using a page from a book (love the script) as the background and I matted and layered a Japanese image adding a dimensional topper (I cut the back post off so it sits a bit more flush against the page.

A clean card which for me is unusual (I nearly added some ink around the edges but resisted!)

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

WOYWW 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary of us baring our desks as part of "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" started by the queen of desks the lovely Julia.

Not sure how many years I have been taking part (i think I joined in 2010 after lurking for a few weeks) but I have made some great friends on here both virtually but also in the flesh!

I managed to make 7 ATC's  so hopefully I will be able to swap them with a few people 

Only a quick up date as once again I am running behind and I am sure there will be MANY desks to visit this week so short is probably better (well that's my excuse)

Happy WOYWW 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Allotment update

Thought I would catch up with what has been going on at the plot.

The past few weeks we have been busy weeding and digging.

We decided to keep the black plastic on the top left of the plot as there are some thick deep rooted weeds under there so in an effort to break this into smaller tasks to help manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis we have decided to leave this until later in the year/winter to think about dealing with it.  I plan on planting some courgettes/squash in the tyres and through the plastic so the space won't go to waste.

The top part was very stony and heavy so we planted potatoes to help break up the soil.  Yes, it is old school with the long trenches (remember I was taught to garden in the 70's so I am old school I suppose) and they do resemble buried bodies-but it is main crop spuds!  Honest!

We planted some onion sets in the front of the plot and put down some weed control fabric pinned down with some metal wire and piled with bark chippings that the council kindly donate to the site.  This will help me with my stability on the site and make it easier for me to walk on a slightly firmer ground.  Later in the year I am thinking of edging it with some wood to help keep the chippings in place.

I also bought 4 pallet collars.  A bit dearer than I hoped BUT I think this will make life a lot easier for me, easier to reach the middle without stretching and as they fill up I won't have to bend down as much, and if my mobility gets worse then I am thinking I can add another pallet collar on top easily to increase the height even more.

So far so good, I am also toying with the idea of growing some plants for dying fabric too, but that will probably be next year as I need to do a bit of research and see how much space I have when I have my fruit and veggies all growing.


Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Hump day again and I finally found a bit of time to do some crafting.  This photo was taken the other day as I knew that I would be too hectic with work to take a photo etc during the week.  I have been playing with my inks, cling wrap and salt.  I have played a couple of times over the past week and on both occasions I forget and my hands end up totally stained!  I have NO excuse as I have some thin gloves I could wear but I always forget!

I am playing with making smaller master-boards for the 10th Anniversary ATC's but I still have NO idea what to do with them, I am sure inspiration will strike at some point!

It is amazing that this has been going on for 10 years, all down to the amazing Julia at  Sadly I doubt I can make the crop, which is a great shame as it is always lovely meeting people in the real world, and over the past few years I have made some great friends via the weekly virtual meet up and the crops.  I look forward to seeing the photos from those that attend.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Mob Boss Burns Crooked Suspect'!

I am always amazed at the newspaper headlines you can make from these cards.  In case you haven't seen them before they are a card game, but I bought them from a charity shop for £1 in Cardiff many years ago and they keep me entertained!

So, are you joining us to bare your desk this week?

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Allotment sucess

So, a few month's ago I put my name down for an allotment and then earlier this year I found out my name had gotten to the top!  Hurrah!

So I am now the proud renter of this plot (not quite a full plot, thank goodness that would be too much for us).  It is about 15 foot x 37 foot (approx) and doesn't have a shed or beds but it does have a compost bin and some tyres!

Not too many weeds, though quite a stony plot so will plant potatoes to try and break up some of the soil this year

The end of the plot has loads of old strawberry plants!  I know these only tend to have a lifespan of 3-5 years before they stop being really productive so I plan on seeing how these fruit this year and then potting up some of the runners if they are strong this autumn ready for next year.

the plots to side of me have sheds but I am lucky that we live close by so I plan on taking the tools that I need on each visit as there seems to be quite a few thefts etc in the area so I am thinking no shed may reduce the risk of plants etc getting trashed by people.

Even though I used to have 2 allotments throughout my 20's I haven't had one since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so hubby has kindly agreed to help out with this one and it will be interesting to see how I get on.  I know that some days I struggle to do basic tasks so I am thinking low maintenance so it can be left for a few days when I am not very well.  I was thinking of chipped bark paths and some raised beds as that will help with my mobility and allow me to work from each side of the beds without having to stretch too far.  
I have already started clearing and planting so will update with some photos really soon.


Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Hump day again so that means baring our desks for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

No idea what was happening last week but for some reason my account wouldn't let me comment on all the blogs, I did visit and comment on each one that went to the trouble of commenting on mine but when I checked it looks like some didn't seem to work!  No idea why, but if your blog didn't get a return visit from me, I did but once again the foibles of IT seemed to be against me!

On my desk is my finish journal from last week and its all a bit of a mess!  I need to do a ton of paperwork and sort all this out too!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Lawyer Defends Suspect Teen Tourist'!

Happy cafting

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Sewn produce bags

In an attempt to reduce my plastic footprint I have been 'trying' to reuse the plastic tubs before recycling and where possible buy fruit and veg loose, not easy, but I am trying.

I noticed that several shops still use plastic bags for their produce rather than the brown paper ones we used to use many years ago, so I decided to have a go and make my own reusable produce bags.

I bought a reduced voile net for £2 (tried several charity shops but they don't appear to get many in) and reused some spare laces we had hanging around. I already had the spring loaded clasps in my sewing stash so I was ready to go!

Now, I am not great at sewing, but I do enjoy it and I have to focus ALL my attention on it so it is a great way to clear the mind of other things on a day off!

I used Crafty Pattie on YouTube video 
as the basis then adapted it as the voile curtain already had some pieces with the seam already (since it was a ready made curtain).

I made 3 just to see how they last, wash etc.  I have plenty of fabric left over to make a few more if they last ok.

I was really pleased with how they turned out, I am not a natural sewer so pleased I made something that was functional and actually worked!!

If you have any tips on making these please let me know


Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Finally I have had a chance to get back into some crafting which means I can show something for this weeks What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday-hurrah!  

On my desk this week is my 365 Challenge journal, albeit a little late as I haven't quite finished my May page but the pages are gesso'd so it won't take me long.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Heiress Bites Teen Model'-well that just sends so many visions through my head with lots of slapping on a catwalk!!

I am hoping to catch up with blogging (last thing I wanted to do over the past couple of months is sit in front of a screen after 10 hrs a day on one in the pay the bills job!) with some of the stuff I have been making in the past few weeks, so apologies if you have already seen it on my Instagram account but I am a bit behind on the blog.

So, what is on your desk this Wednesday?