Wednesday, 19 August 2020


 Happy what's on your workdesk Wednesday. This update is actually from last night as i made a birthday card for my nephew's birthday this weekend. 

Short and sweet at pay the bills job is keeping me a bit busy at the moment! 

Happy hump day


Wednesday, 12 August 2020


 I need to start with an apology not had time to do my blog visits in the past week but work, allotment and heat got to me!  

I am trying this update quickly on the new mobile blogger app, so fingers crossed, i will keep it short. 

My desk is actually my kitchen as very early this morning (well been awake since 3am, again, why not) as i bottled my elderberry vinegar that i had steeping overnight before i started work. I do love it, elderberry is full of goodness and the sweetened vinegar lasts well over a year and can be used as a dressing, cooking and also a wee tot if your under the weather (meant to be immune boosting, either way, tastes nice!). 

Either way, fingers crossed this update works!! 


Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Hello peeps, hump day when we share What's on your workdesk Wednesday updates across the globe thanks to the queen on desks the lovely Julia. I am doing this Tuesday evening and on the new blogger interface so fingers crossed! 

My man bites dog cards are Missing Actor Indicted again!!! 

On my desk are some cards i have made! I know, go me! Not been easy trying to find time as been super busy with work since march but was determined to try and get a little crafting time in  They are still using items from the scrap box so all helps the de stashing! 

Hope your all ok