Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW Anniversary

Hello fellow WOYWWers.  It is only a quick update as I am a bit pushed for time but there was NO way I was missing the 7th Anniversary of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! The lovely Queen of desks Julia (and her lady in waiting Jan) has been bringing us all together across the globe for 7 years to share our desks of shame.  Sometimes they have paperwork on them, sometimes they have craft.  Sometimes, well, they just look unloved and bare but either way we all come together and collectively bare all!!

I have not been in from the beginning but I have been doing this for just over 6 years and love it. I have made some great friends on here (and met up a few times too) and love what Julia created (though she is too modest to admit it, but missus, its a great achievement and I personally thank you for it).

On my desk?  Well there are 6 ATC's.  This year I have decided to NOT make loads so there is one for the next person on the list after me and then there are another 5.  If you would like one please let me know and the first 5 will get one in the post (you will need to leave me your email deets so I can contact).

Also on my desk is a kilner jar stamp I am playing with to make a "Heard you caught a bug" card and my "Man Bites Dog" cards...well its like Trump is at it again with the headline "Crazy Blonde Tycoon Blames Nurse!"

Happy 7th Anniversary

Sunday, 22 May 2016

A mini book make

 Hello, just a quick update as I realised I hadn't shared a recent make.
I made this mini book for a friend a couple of weeks ago (waves at Julia!) and used mount board for the covers stained with distress inks and some clear crackle paste.

 I made concertina pages which I decorated with distress inks and various images and quotes.

 Just a small, simple thing but great fun to make

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Hump day so that means sharing our desks of shame!!  All thanks to the lovely Julia (and LLJ) full details of this can be found here

On my desk this week is actually some crafting!  I know!!! I am playing with resin again. 
 I cannot  show what as I am hoping it will be for a present.

Some of the resin has been coloured with something I found out a few years ago works well, and that is flocking!  I know, but this is the glitter flocking and it colours resin really well and keeps an even distribution, who'd have a thought it!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Last Romantic Actor Weeps for Dog'-I swear it is almost impossible to get a cheerful headline from this pack!

Happy crafting

Monday, 16 May 2016

Stuff it all in bag

The other week I showed a photo of the final stages of making an extra large slouch tote bag.

We started at our regularly crafting coven and I finished it off at home.  Out of the various bags I have made I think this was probably the most confusing (mainly due to the fact that you cut the fabric out then reposition and sew it a different way) and it took a long time to make.  

I think I would made it again but I would probably make it slightly narrower and maybe add a few more pockets.  It folds up smaller and I think it would be perfect for a holiday (stuffing it all in swimming cossie, lunch, hat etc). 

 I just have to forget the pain of making it so I can face making another one!

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Wednesday can only mean one thing-showing our desks across the globe.
I haven't had much time recently but on my desk (hidden underneath my travel journal kit and crop a dile) are my ATC's for the WOYWW anniversary swap.  To make my life a little easier I have decided NOT to make many this year and am only doing 6. 
 They are not finished but at least I have made a start!

My crop a dile is being used to made holes in my belt.  Over the past 18 months I have lost quite a lot of weight and this is a decent belt so I thought I would add some holes rather than buy a new one. Also my trusty travel journal is out as I often take it with my on my daily walks to sketch or even just to capture pattern I spot along the walk.

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards are "Crazy General Lost Thousands Blames Drugs".

Happy crafting

Monday, 9 May 2016

Powertex playtime

 Not had much time for crafting or blogging but I was able to have a go at playing with my powertex.  First I made sure I covered the table with plastic sheeting and wore an apron and for once I also wore gloves!  I know, me, the person who nearly always has messy hands (just have a look at that's my hands the lovely Jan used for her title!!)

Next I poured white powertex over the canvas, spread it out leaving some areas slightly thicker to see if it affected how it cracked (it does, the cracks are deeper on thicker layers)

 I then sprayed Bister (I remember this as a wood dye my father used to use back in the 70's but powertex sell it as a good way to add colour) and added some splatters too.

 I then cut up an empty milk carton to mix some thickener up with the white powertex.

 After I dried the canvass with an airgun the cracks started to appear.

 I used a pallet knife to apply the thickened powertex and coated some wooden canvas stretchers with it to help it adhere.

 I then added some powertex clay balls and started to play with mica's and acrylic inks dribbling and spritzing water to see how they reacted (after all the idea of this was to play and see how the products react).  
I also soaked some scrim in water and powertex and scrunched this up (and was REALLY pleased I was wearing gloves-boy is this product messy).

 My final piece, not sure if its a cross or a desolate tree after a forest fire (on my mind at the moment, my thoughts go out across the pond to those in Alberta).

 Not too sure on the final piece but I do like the depth and texture you can achieve with this product so I know I will be making some more time to play.

Happy crafting