Monday, 27 June 2011

Wow, what a lovely day yesterday, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, fab (though typical that I am stuck with a throat that feels like I have swallowed some of Tim Holtz sanding papers!), got to finally see my Dad and remembered to take a photo of the father's day card I made him.

I thought it was ironic that I used some of Tim Holtz papers that had an advert for money loaning on the front (takes me back to being a teenager!!).  lots of distressing and I coloured the hammer brad with some caramel alcohol inks to blend in with the whole distressed look.

Only a short posting today
Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge 

Friday, 24 June 2011

yeah blogger is working again

Better late than never, but it looks like I can post pictures again-hurrah!  So, this was the mess I was talking about on mess I mean artistic workspace!!!!

only a short message as I just want to check that everything is up and running ok,

happy crafting li'l pidge x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Sorry but no photo-not sure if anyone is having 'issues' with blogger but I am unable to upload ANY photo's today......gggrrrrrrr.......but as I had previously blogged my PIF (see previous post) I thought I would go ahead and add my name so you can see what the lovely Karen made me.

So, what WOULD you have seen on my workdesk?  Well, it is an absolute tip at the moment.  I spent quite a lot of time over the weekend making some more of my altered microscope necklaces, cutting up lace, filing brass watch cogs so they will be paperthin and fit between 2 pieces of glass and also some free machine embroidery on some lots of ink, fabric, glue and metal I said a bit of a tip (but so VERY creative......or at least that is what I tell my OH!).

As soon as blogger is fixed I will upload some pics of the finished projects, until then why not pop over to Julia;s WOYWW blog and have a nose around some workdesks?

Happy Crafting

li'l Pidge x

Monday, 20 June 2011

What a great PIF

Not been about for a while as I have been on holiday down to Devon in a field, but now I am back  with a mountain of washing and itchy crafting fingers!

Luckily the lovely Karen sent my PIF (pay it forward) from Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday 2nd anniversary by fedex!  I've never had anything from fedex before-40 years old and I suddenly felt very grown up!!

And what a PIF.  I opened the box to find...

 Miffy sweets and pink hot chocolate (ooh, that was a nice surprise), a lovely decorated envelope (I am so glad I am not the only person who decorates envelopes) and a package....ooh, so very unladylike I ripped open the package (whilst stuffing the sweets in my mouth!)

and this was the lovely card.  The saying is stamped on fabric and I think the butterflies may be on clearly art (which I have bought but not used yet so I may have to have a play soon). 

In the parcel was this beautiful frame with a tim holtz die cut and embossed butterfly.  It doesn't show in the picture but the frame has a lovely glitter applied which just catches the light.  The frame has pride of place in my craft room and I took the card on holiday with me to have in the caravan and be inspired by.

Thanks Karen for a lovely PIF.

Also welcome to a new follower, MissLDEarts-hello!

Happy crafting

Li'l pidge x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Wednesday again! How did that happen? How come the hours at work don't go this quick, is it some kind of witchcraft?

So something a little different this week, I am making brooches to try and sell during the summer

Making yo-yo's, sitting them together and adding a little embellishment in the centre, maybe some beads or perhaps a pretty button.

Last weeks PIF is in the post to sunshine girl and Karen in Canada has couriered mine! (how lovely is that), I'll post a picture when it arrives.

So, off to Julia's blog (blinkie on the right) to have a nose around some desks!  Go on, you know you want to!

Happy crafting

Li'l pidge

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Instead of paper crafting the past 2 weeks has seen me furiously making elderflower cordial!  At least twice a week off I go, carrier bag in tow across golf courses, footpaths and hedgerows picking elderflowers.  I try to make enough to keep me in cordial for a year (about how long it lasts) and to give as gifts.  It's lovely hot, cold, over crumble but especially with a Gin and Tonic ;-)

At the moment I am furiously bottling, but in time I make pretty labels, add some raffia and hey-presto a lovely gift for someone.

IF I do get a chance to craft then its mens cards, fathers day is just round the courner in the UK and if I'm inspired to make a male card then I need to make a couple each time as its always difficult to make a male card (why I don't know all you need to choose is: sport, beer, cider, music...but still I struggle).

So following my theory that it needs to be one of the subjects above I made a golf card using some vintage designs

and then my inspiration deserted me!  Luckily I had a weekend back at my parents planned, an evening at a spa with my mum (lovely, with roof top thermal pool-nice and chilled) and then my mum and dad took me to their local lavender farm.

Isnt't it amazing?  I have never been to a lavender farm before, I'm not sure what was more heady, the scent as you approached or the fields of bright colour...totally breathtaking.

Instead of paper craft I may have to get out my scrap bag and sewing machine and make some lavender bags (am I the only one who has both fabric AND papers (ooh, and maybe ribbons) that are TOO nice to cut up and use, so you end up just taking them out and looking/touching them? Even as I type this it is sounding SO wrong!!).

All this talk of fabric has set my palms a the do something with cloth!

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The 2 year anniversary of Julia's Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) brings with it a Pay It Forward (PIF) where you make a gift with WOYWW worked into it somewhere and post it to the next person on the list. 

So, this week I am mostly making Father's Day cards (well, male cards I don't like to make too many with Father's Day written on them as if they don't sell then the charity doesn't get as much money. I leave them all blank inside so you're free to write whatever occasion you'd like).

so the desk is covered with male papers, peel-offs and dark colours (oh, and I spot a grunged tattered floral flower is still on my desk on the piece of white card), after 3 days off work (WHY can't we have more bank holidays?!) the craft room (and floor) looks like a bomb has hit it!  Just as a crafty space should be.

So, please pop over to Julia's blog (blinkie over on the right) and have  a nose around some creative spaces (I like to play the game "find the tidy desk"-sometimes I have to look VERY hard, great to see there are some likeminded and very artistic people out there).

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge