Sunday, 5 June 2011

Instead of paper crafting the past 2 weeks has seen me furiously making elderflower cordial!  At least twice a week off I go, carrier bag in tow across golf courses, footpaths and hedgerows picking elderflowers.  I try to make enough to keep me in cordial for a year (about how long it lasts) and to give as gifts.  It's lovely hot, cold, over crumble but especially with a Gin and Tonic ;-)

At the moment I am furiously bottling, but in time I make pretty labels, add some raffia and hey-presto a lovely gift for someone.

IF I do get a chance to craft then its mens cards, fathers day is just round the courner in the UK and if I'm inspired to make a male card then I need to make a couple each time as its always difficult to make a male card (why I don't know all you need to choose is: sport, beer, cider, music...but still I struggle).

So following my theory that it needs to be one of the subjects above I made a golf card using some vintage designs

and then my inspiration deserted me!  Luckily I had a weekend back at my parents planned, an evening at a spa with my mum (lovely, with roof top thermal pool-nice and chilled) and then my mum and dad took me to their local lavender farm.

Isnt't it amazing?  I have never been to a lavender farm before, I'm not sure what was more heady, the scent as you approached or the fields of bright colour...totally breathtaking.

Instead of paper craft I may have to get out my scrap bag and sewing machine and make some lavender bags (am I the only one who has both fabric AND papers (ooh, and maybe ribbons) that are TOO nice to cut up and use, so you end up just taking them out and looking/touching them? Even as I type this it is sounding SO wrong!!).

All this talk of fabric has set my palms a the do something with cloth!

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge


  1. Oooh yummy ... any chance of a recipe for the cordial? I love it. You've reminded me to visit our local lavender farm too. Wonderful sight.
    Love your card....
    Jo x

  2. hi Jo, I have emailed you the recipe. thanks for visiting


  3. that sounds gorgeous! last time i was over in england, my friend made some sort of elderflower fizzy drink. it was lovely! xoxoxo


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