Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The 2 year anniversary of Julia's Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) brings with it a Pay It Forward (PIF) where you make a gift with WOYWW worked into it somewhere and post it to the next person on the list. 

So, this week I am mostly making Father's Day cards (well, male cards I don't like to make too many with Father's Day written on them as if they don't sell then the charity doesn't get as much money. I leave them all blank inside so you're free to write whatever occasion you'd like).

so the desk is covered with male papers, peel-offs and dark colours (oh, and I spot a grunged tattered floral flower is still on my desk on the piece of white card), after 3 days off work (WHY can't we have more bank holidays?!) the craft room (and floor) looks like a bomb has hit it!  Just as a crafty space should be.

So, please pop over to Julia's blog (blinkie over on the right) and have  a nose around some creative spaces (I like to play the game "find the tidy desk"-sometimes I have to look VERY hard, great to see there are some likeminded and very artistic people out there).

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. Hi Kyla!
    I have a WOYWW PIF gift for you!!! I just need your details, please email me at or you can go to my blog and link to my email there.
    Happy WOYWW!
    xoxo Karen #70

  2. Your desk is looking busy and crafty! How lovely that you make cards for charity! Great idea to leave them blank too so people could use them for birthdays etc, for the men in their lives!
    Happy WOYWW (again, lol)
    xoxo Karen

  3. love your crafty space i make blank cards when selling too - you are posting your pif on to me i am so excited! let me know your email address and i will send you my details thanks

  4. Happy WOYWW 2nd Birthday. It's so lovely to be linked up with so many creative friends. Happy crafting.
    A x

  5. Loving all that's going on on your desk !
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca xx

  6. Great male papers and bits on your desk ~ Happy WOYWW Anniversary

  7. Happy WOYWW 2nd anniversary. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  8. I’m making a special effort to get around everyone as it’s a special week this week.

    Rather you than me making all those dreaded men’s cards, I always struggle when I have to make them.

    Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
    Happy Crafting!

  9. Happy 104th WOYWW - its great to see your workspace and 'meet' you through blogland

    Happy Creating xx

  10. arrgghhh

    when is pa's day (in the uK?)


    happy 104,


  11. Happy 2nd WOYWW anniversary!
    Hugs Marleen :-)

  12. Happy WOYWW Birthday to you xx

  13. great busy desk ...I have just ordered those scissors now that all but one of mine, have gone walkabout.

  14. nice looking desk! Looks like a busy and creative space today. Happy #104-2nd Anniversary of WOYWW Thanks for sharing. Vickie #55

  15. Looks like my kind of creative mess space!
    Happy #2 WOYWW anniversay xxx

  16. Oh I think the tidiest desk is really evident don't you? She said smugly!! Good idea about the men's cards ...I can't remember the last time I stamped or bought a card with the actual occasion type message on.


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