Friday, 23 June 2017

New stash

I haven't bought any stash for a few months (other than replacing glue etc) but I couldn't resist this-a bargain!

30 sharpies for £8-thats 26p per pen!  

Now my go to pen is Posca, BUT a sharpie is great for quick sketches and also for drawing on white canvas shoes (or daps as we call them in Bristol!) so this was a perfect opportunity to  expand the colours I currently have as they have some lovely shades in this pack.

I just need to think of a new project to start using them on-pinterest here I come!


Monday, 19 June 2017

Contemporary Craft Fair

I recently went to the Contemporary Craft Fair at BoveyTracey in Devon 

I have been attending for many years and the array of work is amazing.  Once again they had the pottery show down, a vintage cinema, willow weavers, stone masons etc

The level of work is amazing and we may have made one or two purchases (though not as much this year, last year we bought an original piece for the bedroom wall).

I prefer to buy direct from craftspeople and this is why I love events such as this.  
You get to talk to them direct and really appreciate the work that goes into each piece.

My mum and I bought a selection of handmade zipper bags. 
 A couple of screen printed ones on linen with waterproof linings ( and three where a fabric was created from their original paintings (

My husband also bought me this from How cute is it?  I cannot wait to wear it on my suit jacket at work, I think it has SO much character-she is stomping, a little like me at times!

Do you have any events you attend where you can buy direct from the maker?  I would love to know (especially if they are in the UK) as I am always on the lookout.

Happy crafting

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Sketching in Tapas bars

 I have finally gotten round to getting some of the photos off my phone and realised I have not blogged the urban sketches I did whilst I was in Sitges, Spain.

Now I know this looks like a LOT of time was spent in Tapas bars, I cannot lie-we did!  It was a great way to get out of the mid day sun.  Either inside in the cool or under an umbrella on the edge of the beach!  I could really get used to this life!  

To keep the weight down I only carried my sketchbook and pen with me and I usually add some colour when I am back at the ranch.

I am not too keen on sketching people but I find that in busy bars it is a bit easier as you are not noticed as much!


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I know, it's Wednesday and I have a clean desk!!!

The only thing on my desk this week is the supporter pack from Upfest.

upfest is the largest street art festival in Europe and happens in Bristol every year 
at the end of July.
Each year they run a crowd funding event to raise money to cover paint etc and depending on how much you donate they offer a small gift in return.

This was ours.  
A lovely blank sketchbook (nice thick smooth paper inside perfect for wet mediums) which was embossed with their logo and three posca pens (my favourite marker pen as it takes on most surfaces).

How is your workdesk this week?  Don't worry as mine will not stay this clean for long (it never does)!


Monday, 12 June 2017

ATC Updates

Just a quick update to say "thanks" for the latest ATC's I received for the 8th anniversary of  "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday".

On the left is one from the lovely Donna who made it from some of the shaving foam printed card I sent her and a brilliant handmade card. 

On the right is a lovely one from Ali ( with a fantastic quote "The stars are out there. Just look up"

I also got this one from Margaret and a card with a fabulous saying "Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person. Having neither to weigh thoughts nor measured words". 

Thanks ladies always nice to have happy post.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Quick cards

Just a quick update, some of you may know that I often carry  'googly' eyes in my bag.  
If I spot something when I am out and about (advertising poster, old stickers, bollards) that looks like faces I have been known to add some 'eyes'!

I was sorting them into sizes recently (a strangely therapeutic 10 min job) when I noticed some wrapping paper off cuts I put to one side so decided to make a couple of quick cards, adding some 'googly' eyes to a couple of the animals.  I particularly like the tiger!

Sometimes quick and easy cards are a perfect way of getting some crafting done 
when time is precious.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Another week has passed and as it is once again hump day that means "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" where across the globe we show our desks.

For full details why not pop over to the Queen of desks, the lovely Julia at stamping-ground

After the terrible incidents in London at the weekend I have decided not to do my 'Man Bites Dog' cards again but I have been doing some more work on my canvas boards I plan on abandoning hopefully at Upfest later in the summer.

Not much time to craft at the moment as super busy at work (and when the weather is nice I tend to garden-so maybe that will be a future 'desk' update as it is lovely being light in the evenings and being able to do 'stuff' after work).

So, what are you all up to?

Happy crafting

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

June 365 Challenge

Just a quick update for my June pages (you may have seen a sneaky peak on Wednesdays blog update) for the 365 Challenge over on Kate Cranes blog.

These were actually ready for the start of the month!
Now I just need to do 'some stuff' so I can fill each day in.

Happy crafting

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Life drawing

Hello, I thought I would share some of the practice sketches I have been doing recently.

I don't really draw (never did art at school) but I borrowed a book from the library 
"Life Drawing" by Jake Spicer and decided I would have a play around.

I really like the way he explains the steps and techniques.  Nice and simple.

I only tried a couple of exercises using just a propeller pencil but I was reasonably pleased with the results (well, I could tell what they were meant to be so that is a good start)!

I managed to get another of his books, this time from a charity shop (I think they may have been on sale last year in shops like The Works so they are starting to appear in the charity shops now-result for me!).

Only a few sketches but I suppose we all have to start somewhere and I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed doing it.