Sunday, 4 June 2017

Life drawing

Hello, I thought I would share some of the practice sketches I have been doing recently.

I don't really draw (never did art at school) but I borrowed a book from the library 
"Life Drawing" by Jake Spicer and decided I would have a play around.

I really like the way he explains the steps and techniques.  Nice and simple.

I only tried a couple of exercises using just a propeller pencil but I was reasonably pleased with the results (well, I could tell what they were meant to be so that is a good start)!

I managed to get another of his books, this time from a charity shop (I think they may have been on sale last year in shops like The Works so they are starting to appear in the charity shops now-result for me!).

Only a few sketches but I suppose we all have to start somewhere and I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed doing it.


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