Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Phew what a chaotic few days life has been in the UK what with the EU vote, Prime Minister announcing he is stepping down and Glastonbury (muddiest for years) but now we are having to move forward and understand the impacts.  Regardless of all this, the one thing that unites us is crafting and art.

On my desk this week is actual crafting-I know, it's a real shocker!
What with the football dominating our screens again I decided to make some football inspired cards using some papers I have had kicking around for ages (see what I did there!!).

My 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week sounds like a headline from Glastonbury Festival "Naked Singer Revealed"

So, why not join us and show us what's on your workdesk?
There is a link over on the right sidebar.

Happy crafting

Friday, 24 June 2016

Urban sketching in Malta

I have to admit defeat as I have tried linking my Instagram account to my blog but for some reason the coding refuses to recognise my account so I thought I would blog a few of my latest sketches I have done whilst I was in Malta recently.

The top sketch was at the airport (lets face it you have a couple of hours to get bored so why not paint!) and the second sketch was some of the sayings on the wall at a local vegan cafe in Valletta (The Grassy Hopper).  They had sayings such as "Collect moments not things" and 
"All children are artists the problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up" 

The bottom sketch was a fountain in St Anton Gardens, a beautiful green oasis amid all the dry brown fields at the moment.

The next page shows another sketch of The Grassy Hopper again, but this time the staff behind the counter and the bottom sketch is across the water from Valletta (this is from the swimming hole that the hotel built straight into the sea-I swam off this point several times).
The final sketch was a postcard I painted and on the last day decided to post it to my husband (as I was away with my Mum), painted once again from the swimming hole.

My full account can be viewed at:

Not sure why I haven't shared my urban sketches before on this blog, but a friend (waves at Carmen over at and also her instagram under the same name) suggested I blog them-so I have.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Bit of a late entry for me as only just got back from  holiday, but waiting for me were these two lovely ATC's

The one on the left is from Shaz and the right is from Debbie

Thanks ladies it is always lovely to come home to some nice mail rather than bills! 

My thoughts are with Julia (who blogged today, which was a lovely surprise) and with Jan(hugs).

Short and sweet as I have a lot of unpacking etc to do.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

A view from a hill

This is my 4th and final page of the Collabor-ART circle fabric challenge.

My theme was architecture and for this page I dyed some of the fabric the familiar red/orange that the tobacco factory (large building on the right) and Cabots Tower (on the hill in the background) with pro markers (it is not going to be washed so does not need to be permanent) and thread sketched the outline of the hills.

I then used felt pieces to create the coloured houses that adorn several of Bristol's hills.

I was quite pleased how this one turned out and am tempted to frame it rather than bind it into the book I was originally going to make.

Happy crafting


Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Sorry but not been able to blog for a while.  A combination of work, stuff and being in the middle of a field in Devon for a few days with no phone signal let along 3G signal!

Great news about our desk Queen, the lovely Julia and a huge thanks to Jan for keeping us up to date. Take it slow girl and allow time to heal xxx

Nothing to show this week so I took this photo on my dining room table and it shows the ATC (folding no less, very nice) I received from the very talented Angela over at 

 Happy crafting